Live – Mogwai at Brighton Dome

Mogwai at Brighton Dome, 17th February 2023

Friday night saw masters of their craft Mogwai return to a sold out Brighton Dome. It may have been foggy outside, but inside the clarity of their music and talent was in no doubt.

With the exception of an impressive light show, there are no frills or gimmicks with Mogwai. Their stage presence is sophisticated but understated, the crowd none the less are mesmerised by the wall of sound hitting every bone in their body. You could be forgiven for believing there were twice as many musicians on the stage, not just for the volume but the intricacies of the music emanating from it. Cinematic and veering towards the hypnotic, opening track Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home sets the pace, with highlights interspersed throughout – Ritchie Sacramento, How To Be A Werewolf and Ratts Of The Capital all making a welcome appearance.

The regency opulence of The Dome makes for an excellent backdrop, its acoustics probably the best of Brighton’s venues. Seeing Mogwai is more an experience than just a gig, and this is a great venue to match their performance.

After the briefest of breaks, the band return to play the mighty My Father, My King. A total treat of an evening ending with a song described on its release as ‘two parts serenity and one part death metal’. As always, a night to remember from the finest purveyors of Scotland’s musical hierarchy.


Review and photos by Siobhan

20th February 2023