Live – Hamish Hawk | Lizzie Reid at Komedia Brighton

Hamish Hawk & Lizzie Reid at Komedia Brighton, 6th February 2023

With a a double helping from the seemingly bottomless pit of exceptional music coming out of Scotland right now, Hamish Hawk landed in Brighton this week, bringing support from Lizzie Reid. 

Reid’s stunning vocal would surely break through the noisiest of venues, however it was lovely to see (or hear) a distinct lack of chat from a presumably captivated audience. Some beautiful songs, relatable stories and a trumpet solo performed without a trumpet all going to show why you should always arrive early for the opening act.

Lizzie Reid

To consider Hamish Hawk a force to be reckoned with would be a huge understatement. It’s very hard to pinpoint another artist that he’s similar to, and therein lies the key. Talk to people after the show and you’ll hear a consistent theme of ‘he’s different to everything else I like but I saw him once and I keep coming back…’ And for those who do, Hawk is a master of charm and humour which, coupled with his distinctive vocal, make for a performance to be savoured and locked away for prosperity every time.

The Komedia show was the best yet that I’ve seen – and a shout out to the rest of the band is merited as well, as a unit they really do allow the whole experience to come together and spotlight Hawk’s talent.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place (or able to travel), there are a few more dates through February on this tour and a string of instore sets coming up too. Deciding to go along will not be a decision you regret.

Hamish Hawk

Review and photos by Siobhan

8th February 2023


Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2023

Lewes Psychedelic Festival, 4th February 2023

There are few events that will sell out almost instantly, whether or not the line-up has been announced, but this annual festival in Lewes is certainly one. An eclectic gathering of all things psychedelic, via folk, electronica, indie and classic psychedelia, it’s a veritable magic carpet ride for the senses .

The converted church setting of All Saints Centre is the perfect venue and, as much as instore performances in bigger record shops are great, it’s always a pleasure to find people squeezing into the smaller ones for the most intimate of performances, in this case Union Music Store.

Brought to you by Melting Vinyl and Innerstrings (also responsible for the incredible visuals), check out our gallery for a taster of this year’s celebrations.


Oddfellow’s Casino


Karma Sheen

Acid Klaus


Lewes Psychedelic Festival

Words and photos by Siobhan

6th February 2023

Live – Lewis Capaldi at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Lewis Capaldi left Nottingham in a Heavenly Kind of State of Mind after performing at the Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, 27th January 2023

Review by Lisa Kaye
Images by Paulwdixonphotography

As excited Lewis Capaldi fans entered the sold-out Nottingham Motorpoint Arena for his eagerly anticipated Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent tour, the atmosphere was pure electric.

As the visual production began on stage signifying Lewis Capaldi’s entrance, the audience screamed. The large black screen which concealed the stage slowly began to rise to the beat of the music and revealed the band, all dressed in white. Lewis then made his angelic entrance from the floor of the stage to the bars of Forget Me, dressed in white jeans and top. As the song came to its crescendo, Lewis didn’t disappoint as a cannon covered the audience in a flurry of white ribbons. He certainly opened the show with a bang!

As the sea of torch lights shone from the 10,000 strong audience, Lewis took hold of his guitar and comfortably began to move around the stage as he sang Forever. The audience sang along, captivated by his amazing vocals. Lewis Capaldi, known for his comic dialogue, then greeted the audience with “Good evening, Nottingham” and then ran from one side of the stage to the other, seeing who would cheer the loudest. A sign stating “I need a big boy” from the audience caught his attention and laughing he confirmed, “I am a big boy!” The audience squealed as he retorted “Talking of my waistline that is!”.

“We are going to have fun tonight Nottingham!” stated Lewis. “We have all come here on a Friday night to sing songs about heartbreak and about people outside of this building who do not love us, am I right?” he quizzed. The audience whistled and cheered. “Sorry if there are any couples in the audience”, laughed Lewis, “Come to my show and in love! – Not on my watch!” he joked. As the audience responded with laughter, Lewis apologised, “I don’t normally offend the audience quite so much within the first two minutes”. After discussing health and safety, he advised those who felt unwell during the performance to make their way to medical professionals. “We just want everyone to be safe and happy” said Lewis, “I’m not sure why people always feel faint at my concerts, maybe…“ he paused for comedy effect, “they just haven’t been in the presence of such sexual prowess!”.

“One last thing” shouted Capaldi above the screams. “No Fighting! I don’t know what it is about my music that makes people want to knock the s**t out of each other. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, beating the s**t out of each other whilst I’m singing Bruises”. He shook his head in disarray. “We are on a date tonight, me and you Nottingham,” stated Capaldi. “Imagine, we have gone out for a nice meal, in a nice Italian restaurant. I have the steak, you also have the steak, which I think is a bit of a p**s take as I am paying.” He laughs. “We go to a bar, smash a few drinks then back to my place Nottingham for coffee. I then give you the best minute and half of your life. And then you ask for me to sing you a song, and I sing you this”. His comedy is genius and as he begins to play Lost on You, Nottingham becomes lost in his music.

Lewis Capaldi then treated the audience to a new track, Heavenly Kind of State of Mind, from his new album Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent, which is due to be released in May 2023. As Lewis shouted “Nottingham – are you having a good time?” he caught sight of someone in the audience with a carboard cut out of him and the wording “Can I get a selfie with you”. Laughing he invited her up onto the stage. As the young lady called Rebecca climbed onto the stage he smiled for a selfie, and she explained she was at the concert in memory of her friend Jacob, who had passed away last year due to cancer. In a touching tribute to her friend, he then dedicated the next song Before you Go to Jacob. Looking at the twinkling lights in the crowd and hearing the audience singing along for Jacob was incredibly moving and it was impossible not to have a lump in the throat.

As the large black screen came down again to cover the stage, the visual display of moving water was projected onto the screen. It was a delight to watch as the scenery changed to show the sea against the back drop of a sunrise and clouds forming in the sky. The stage production was something incredibly special to watch. Then from up high on top of the clouds, Celestial Capaldi appeared with his keyboard. The audience screamed hysterically as began to play Bruises, followed by Wish you the Best. Even with such a large audience at the arena, there was an intimate feeling to these songs. As the song came to an end, Lewis retorted that he wasn’t even playing the keyboard. Laughing, he held his hands in the air to prove this as notes played. Back in comedy mode, Capaldi stated that the production team had not thought through placing him 20 foot in the air as he had a fear of heights, was dressed in white and suffered with IBS. “My trousers may not be so white when I come back down” he said as the audience laughed and cheered. Touching on his Tourettes and ticks during his performance, his honesty and vulnerability on stage only made the audience love him more with each song he sang.

He then appeared on the safety of the normal stage. As the stage turned to red, Capaldi urged Nottingham to join in his next song Grace. As the crowd sang along and cheered, another cannon of white ribbons was released into the audience. Another member of the crowd then grabbed his attention with their banner which asked him to draw her next tattoo. He couldn’t resist inviting her onto the stage and secretly drawing something for her. As the audience laughed, anticipating what he would draw, he turned to show the camera, revealing a cat’s face, apologising for how badly drawn it was. It was another unique moment of the evening and certainly one that the lady on stage will not forget. His warmth on stage, his down to earth personality and engagement with the crowd was amazing to witness and although he made the audience boo with the occasional reference to Birmingham instead of Nottingham, it was very easy to forgive him. After singing another new song, Leave Me Slowly, he then sang Pointless, thanking the crowd for making it #No1, followed by Hold Me While You Wait, which had the crowd all singing along.

As the audience anticipated that this was the last song of the evening, Lewis disappeared into the floor of the stage. The audience screamed for more and as he returned he didn’t disappoint by stating he would sing two more songs. “I’m going to sing something different,” he said. “Let’s have Love Story by Taylor Swift”. The crowd loved this and went crazy as he began to sing the well known hit. As he sang, his ticks and little laughs demonstrated how comfortable he felt on stage. Even when he got the words slightly wrong and asked the audience to help towards the end of the song, they obliged by singing even louder and encouraging him to the very last note. He ended by stating he had “freestyled it like Jagger!”. As the audience knew the evening was coming to a close, Lewis made a heartfelt comment to them, concluding his thanks and appreciation. “Thank you all for coming tonight and selling out the show, it genuinely means the world to me. It’s not lost on me that you’re all willing to spend your money to come and see me at this gig. I know I take the p**s a lot, but I really appreciate it.”

As the last song of the evening began to a backdrop of the ocean, Capaldi stated, “I am Lewis Capaldi and this is Someone you Loved. As torches swayed in the crowd, Lewis encouraged the audience to sing acapella, which sent shivers down the spine. As he sang the last note and waved his final goodbye to the audience he shouted, “Until we meet again Nottingham”.

I’m really hoping that means we have a second date.

Lewis Capaldi

Photos by Paulwdixonphotography
Review by Lisa Kaye

1st February 2023

Live – Jim Jones All Stars | Palooka 5 | Paul Groovy at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Jim Jones All Stars, Palooka 5 and Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience at The Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, 14th January 2023

An eclectic mix bringing a night full of great music and a matching atmosphere as Jim Jones All Stars take to the stage at The Wedgewood Rooms, with support from Palooka 5 and Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience. Some fab photos here from Hannah Mesquitta…

Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience


Palooka 5

Jim Jones All Stars

Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

26th January 2023

Rockaway Beach Festival 2023

Rockaway Beach, Butlins Bognor, 6th – 8th January 2023

Another year filled with a sterling line up of artists established and new, silent discos and arcade machines, as Rockaway Beach continues to cement its place in the go to festivals of the year calendar. As always, an excellent start to January – highlights in photos below…

Panic Shack

The Futureheads

Modern Woman

Self Esteem, Personal Trainer


W H Lung, Big Joanie


deep tan

Hamish Hawk

Rats on Rafts

Acid Klaus


Rockaway Beach

Photos by Siobhan

13th January 2022

Best Music Shots of 2022

Always a highlight of the year, welcome to Best Music Shots of 2022, an eclectic collection of live music images from photographers across the UK and worldwide. This year has excelled itself, and the gallery is bigger and better than ever before, so much so that I considered publishing it in two parts. However, it seemed a shame to split the huge range of talent, styles and genres, so find a comfy space and spend a bit of time with all of us looking back at some stunning shots from 2022. Enjoy…

Header image by Adam Hampton-Matthews, details in article


Joan Smith and the Jane Does
The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, May

Common Deers
3030 Dundas West, Toronto, September

By Steven Medeiros Photography – Website | Instagram

Gary Numan
Leeds Academy

Public Service Broadcasting
The Fire Station, Sunderland, October

By Steve White – Flickr

Hannah Lia of Fallen Mafia
Corporation Sheffield, November

Chick McFarlane of Bad Actress
Real Time Live, November

By Tina Sherwood at All the Ts Photography – Instagram

Gin Palace
The Deer’s Head, Belfast, September

Alpha Twin
The Deer’s Head, Belfast, September

By Seb K Akehurst at Jolly Bearded Promotions – Linktree


Meadowlands Festival, Nottingham, June

Max and Harvey
The Bodega, Nottingham, April

By Milly McPhee / Milly’s Photos – Website | Instagram


Debonair Music Hall, New Jersey, July

By crimebird – Website | Instagram

The Hope and Ruin, Brighton, October

The Hope and Ruin, Brighton, July

By Hector O’Donnell – Instagram


Pa Sheehy
Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick, October

James McGregor of The Clockworks
Kasbah Social, Limerick, November

By Maurice O’Connor – Instagram | Twitter


Jimmy Wallace
Back alley behind his shop, Garland Texas, July

Randy Rogers
Western Days, Lewisville Texas, September

By Robert C Maxfield II – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Lea Heart

The Scratch
Otherside Festival, Slane, July

By Alex Curran – Instagram


The Soap Girls
The NE Volume Lounge, Stockton, October

Joe Quigley of Mille Manders And The Shut Up
Kendal Calling, June

By Mark Cartwright – Flickr


Erika Badu
Love Supreme Festival, July

Blood Red Shoes
Chalk, Brighton, June

By Mike Burnell – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Purple Turtle, Reading, November

October Drift
Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, October

By Kevin Harpin – Instagram


Lewis Maynard of Dry Cleaning
Rough Trade, Nottingham, July

Imogen Hart
Rough Trade, Nottingham, November

By Nigel King – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Mastodon


Nita Strauss, Alice Cooper’s band
Resorts World Arena, Birmingham, May

Matt Bellamy of Muse
Eventim Apollo, London, May

By Clare Ratcliffe – Instagram | Facebook


Coyote Tango
Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, November

Danielle Durack
The Trunk Space, Phoenix

By Jennifer Mullins – Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Crushed by Waves
Ollifest, Ross on Wye, August

Fired Up
Ollifest, Ross on Wye, August

By Del Edwards – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Heavy Lungs
Chalk, Brighton, November

Prince Albert, Brighton, October

By Chris Hibberd – Instagram | #chibberdyviews


St Luke’s, Glasgow, October

Gary Numan
O2 Academy, Glasgow, May

Jurga Kalinauskaite – Website | Instagram | Facebook


James Bay
O2 Institute, Birmingham, December

O2 Academy Oxford, July

By Joe Baker – Instagram


Martin Couri of The Courettes
Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, June

Martin and Flavia Couri – The Courettes
Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, June

By Gary Hough at shotfrombothsides – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Flogging Molly
O2 Forum Kentish Town, August

Royal Albert Hall, June

By Daniel Caceiro – Website | Instagram

Perfume Genius
All Points East Festival, August

Jehnny Beth
All Points East Festival, August

By Adam Hampton-Matthews – Instagram


Komedia, Brighton, September

The Great Escape, May

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


A massive thank you to all the photographers featured here for sharing their work, look forward to seeing what 2023 holds in store for you. You can check out more from each contributor on the links shown above. And huge thanks also to everyone who’s joined us throughout the year in any way – I hope your holiday season is peaceful and kind to you, take the best care of yourselves and each other.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

22nd December 2022

Live – Blancmange at The Venue Worthing

Blancmange at The Venue, Worthing, 9th December 2022

There’s a moment every year when it suddenly starts to feel like Christmas, and this year Friday night at The Venue was that moment. For those not local, the eponymously named venue in question is what used to be converted church St Paul’s Arts Centre. Retaining the original stained glass windows and balcony, and festooned with giant snowflakes and balloons, it felt more like walking into a weird office party than a gig (in a good way). It’s a very cool location, in architectural features and temperature, but coats firmly staying on didn’t stop the crowd from singing and dancing their hearts out as the current formation of synth-pop royalty Blancmange hit the stage.

With a set list spanning the decades, the songs held a certain charm that combined the original sound with subtle reworkings from different eras. Tracks from new album Private View received a great response; latest single Reduced Voltage showcases a deeper version of electronica that stands up in today’s market, and vinyl copies of the album had sold out at the merch desk before the show began. Neil Arthur clearly still loves being on stage and there was lots of chat and interaction with the crowd. 

And those hoping for a little nostalgia weren’t to be disappointed, as the set was interspersed with favourites including Waves, That’s Love That It Is and Blind Vision, before the inevitable flourish of a finish with Living On The Ceiling. With the room still singing along to the riff, the band left the stage briefly before returning to close with Don’t Tell Me. A night full of atmosphere and top tunes – and good to see the live music circuit in Worthing continuing to expand.


Review / photos by Callum / Siobhan

14th December 2022






Live – The Vamps | The Aces | Henry Moodie at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

The Vamps, The Aces & Henry Moodie at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, 10th December 2022

Celebrating a decade of hits, The Vamps are packing out venues across the UK before heading off on worldwide dates in the new year. 10 Years Of The Vamps – The Greatest Hits Tour stopped off in Nottingham on Saturday night, with support from The Aces and Henry Moodie; Milly McPhee was there to capture the moment…

Henry Moodie

The Aces

The Vamps

We’re delighted to introduce photographer Milly McPhee to Breaking Glass readers; you can check out more of her fabulous images via the link below!

Photos by Milly McPhee

12th December 2022

Live – Shinedown | Asking Alexandria | Zero 9.36 at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Shinedown Planet Zero World Tour at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, with Asking Alexandria & Zero 9.36, 29th November 2022

The Rock was hot on Tuesday night at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena when Shinedown brought their Planet Zero World Tour to town.

The good people of the city and beyond turned out in force to enjoy an amazing show complete with huge pyro effects throughout!

Asking Alexandria’s incredible energy and Zero 9.36’s contrasting style all came together to deliver a faultless evening’s entertainment.

Long live Rock!


Asking Alexandria

Zero 9.36

Words and photos by Tina Sherwood at All the Ts Photography 

1st December 2022

Live – Squeeze at The Brighton Centre

Squeeze at The Brighton Centre, 26th November 2022

For a band who first charted back in 1978, Squeeze undoubtedly still have a lot to offer, and it’s not just nostalgia. Saturday night was cold and wet, but inside The Brighton Centre a warm atmosphere and a buzz of anticipation for the performance, that never abated throughout the evening.

When you have Dr John Cooper Clarke as your warm-up act you know it’s going to be a good night. With wit and charm as abrasive as ever, the good doctor was perhaps a bit off brand for some of the crowd but, undeterred by any such notion, he delivered his beautifully cynical observations on the world and quickly gained traction in winning everyone over. Always a pleasure.

And so to Squeeze, a band still more than cool for cats whose lyrical content is matched only by their obvious love of the music it sits alongside. Taking no prisoners on the opening trio of tracks, the crowd were treated to Take Me I’m Yours, Hourglass and jewel in the crown Up the Junction to kick things off. The perfectly matched songwriting team of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook are responsible for a long string of hits over the years, and it was great to hear their new material make itself a strong mark in the setlist. With all proceeds from new EP and single Food for Thought, being donated to independent food banks, there was also an invitation for those attending to bring non-perishable items to be passed on to local food banks, and the response was huge. It warms my heart and makes me angry in equal measures that this is necessary but hats off to the band for doing this on their tour dates and taking time to talk about the Trussell Trust mid-set.

Where you find several incarnations of a band, it can often be the case that the original members will hang on the spotlight and effectively find themselves a backing band to play live with. This is far from the case with Squeeze as there is some fierce talent amongst the entirety of the band members, not to mention moves that would leave Gene Kelly pondering his place on the dancefloor from Stephen Large on keys. It was refreshing to see the authenticity of performance and, whilst you wouldn’t have to be a Squeeze fan to have enjoyed the night, the room was full of people who most definitely were.

The evening closed with an encore of Slap and Tickle and Black Coffee in Bed, and we headed out to battle the weather again with umbrellas unable to meet their need, but a bunch of songs stuck in our heads that most definitely could.

Review and photos by Siobhan and Callum

28th November 2022


Live – Placebo | Cruel Hearts Club at Portsmouth Guildhall

Placebo & Cold Hearts Club at Portsmouth Guildhall, 18th November 2022

In the midst of a huge world tour, Placebo stopped off at Portsmouth Guildhall last week to share an equally huge stage performance to a packed venue. Bringing less experience but plenty of attitude to the support slot, Cruel Hearts Club look sure to have picked up a host of new fans on the tour. Gallery from both artists by Hannah Mesquitta below.

Cruel Hearts Club


Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

25th November 2022


Live – Absolute Bowie at The Rescue Rooms Nottingham

Absolute Bowie at The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 19th November 2022

Widely acknowledged as the best Bowie tribute in Europe, Absolute Bowie take the crowd on a journey through the many personas of David Bowie in a set full of hits from across the decades. Check out our gallery from The Rescue Rooms below…

Photos by Tina Sherwood at All the Ts Photography

23rd November 2022

Live – Massive Wagons | Ugly Kid Joe at Rock City Nottingham

Co-headliner Massive Wagons & Ugly Kid Joe at Rock City, Nottingham, 4th November 2022

A night to cleanse your ears as Massive Wagons and Ugly Kid Joe played their co-headliner at Rock City on Friday! Some great shots from the evening by Tina Sherwood in our gallery below.

Ugly Kid Joe

Massive Wagons

Photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

9th November 2022


Live – VLURE | Kynsy | Redolent at The Lexington London

VLURE, Kynsy & Redolent at The Lexington, London, 3rd November 2022 (BBC Introducing)

In a week where BBC services have taken a potential battering, a reminder of all that they do outside of the regular TV and radio shows. Thursday night saw The Lexington packed, despite the irascible weather and threats of a train strike that happily never happened – an eclectic platform to showcase three artists, all of whom are well deserving of that support.

First up, Redolent’s mix of dark drums and synth samplers drew the crowd in, with a visible upturn in appreciation as the set progressed.


Next on stage, Kynsy impressed with a collection of songs that charged down the standard indie-pop of other acts, with accomplished vocals, great musicianship and ridiculously catchy hooks.


Headliners for the evening, and crashing with ease through the huge wave of anticipation for their set, VLURE maintained their status at the top of the new acts you cannot miss tree. It’s beyond me that they’re not already much bigger, but they have an astute awareness of how the industry works and of keeping things moving at their pace rather than feeling forced into saturation; a stance that many  over-exposed acts could learn from.

But this isn’t just clever marketing, VLURE have style and substance in abundance. An unexpected switch up with Alex taking vocals in her stride on the opening track, some new songs, some already firm favourites, a cacophony of sound that somehow brings calm and makes sense of the madness going on in the world right now. There’s a bit of me that wants it to stay like this, but VLURE deserve every success that comes their way and, if there’s any justice in the world, it surely will.


And to all the teams at BBC Introducing who continually work to bring artists like this to the forefront, we’re all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you – to lose this would be unforgivable.

Review & photos © Siobhan

7th November 2022


Live – The Bug Club | The Dream Machine | Hutch at The Piper St Leonards

The Bug Club, The Dream Machine & Hutch at The Piper, St Leonards-on-Sea, 29th October 2022

It would seem there’s no stopping The Bug Club, with tickets flying out wherever they play. And they have been playing far and wide, amassing followers as they go, and gifting what must be close to a 20-song set to those who came to see what all the fuss was about at The Piper on Saturday. It’s pretty simple really – they know how to write a great hook, their energy is infectious and they look like they’re having the best of times. There are still loads of dates coming up if you’re lucky enough to grab a ticket on a night that isn’t sold out, value for money guaranteed.

Support came from Liverpool’s The Dream Machine, who may also be relative newcomers but are already making a name for themselves with a nod to local stalwarts of the Merseyside scene The Coral and The Zutons, and an added layer of pure NYC punk rock riffs. Proficient and precise, the band played a strong set and look to be well on their way to bigger things. Frankly, anyone who can rock a NWA T-shirt with a crocheted waistcoat is deserving of some attention.

On the subject of attire, harp-inclusive ensemble Hutch picked up the Halloween memo and wore it well, opening the evening in style and with a gentle wash of soft-psych nostalgia; photo gallery from all three acts below.

Hosted by Acid Box Promotions and Dictionary Pudding.


The Dream Machine

The Bug Club

Review and photos by Siobhan

2nd November 2022

NWOCR Festival 2022

New Wave of Classic Rock Festival, Wolverhampton, October 2022

With the summer festival season under wraps, it’s great to see indoor events kicking in to help us through the colder seasons. The inaugural New Wave of Classic Rock (NWOCR) festival brought a host of rock acts to the stage at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. Tina Sherwood was there to soak in the brilliant atmosphere, photos from some of the acts performing below, including Saturday headliners The Dust Coda and Sunday headliners Bad Touch.

Ashen Reach (see also header shot)

Bad Touch

The Dust Coda


Shape of Water

More about NWOCR here

Photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

28th October 2022