Live – Marillion at O2 Guildhall Southampton

Marillion at O2 Guildhall Southampton, 22nd September 2022

It was another sold-out performance for the return to the South Coast for this iconic, genre defying band.

Steve Hogarth, who has fronted the band since 1989, joked with the audience that he hated the terms often used to describe their music. “Prog Rock? I don’t like that… Orchestral Rock? I like that even less… Symphonic Pop… that’s the worst!”. He then smiled and said, “However you describe what we do, I hope you enjoy the show”. So, not wanting to argue with Steve, I did exactly that, and I won’t try to pigeonhole them, other than to say that it was a superb evening of unique music with an attention to detail that is rarely seen in live performances.

Two of the unseen heroes of the evening were, without doubt, were the lighting and sound engineers. Using a huge Midas sound desk, (which I imagine the Road Crew hate) the less than perfect acoustics of the O2 in Southampton were brought to life. Together with a stunning and perfectly engineered light show, they made this relatively small venue feel like a London Arena.

The band played a two hour set and were ably supported by Luke Jackson whose opening set was full of his wonderful vocals and faultless acoustic guitar playing.

Like most audience members, I often dread the words “We’re going to play the whole of the new album for you”. Like most, I really want to hear the songs I’m familiar with, but on this occasion, it was a joy to hear such a polished set from musicians who clearly gel together so well and clearly still enjoy playing together, even after so many decades in the business.

Steve Rothery’s lead guitar was as perfect as ever. Each note practiced and polished, drawing on years of playing live. He stood (almost motionless) in his usual stage place and looked lost in the sound. The keyboard and the rhythm section were equally well rehearsed and a testament to the adage that practice really does make perfect.

At the end of the show, there was a long standing ovation before the obligatory encore. A full house of very happy Marillion fans left the venue feeling they had been treated to a spectacular show. The tour continues around the UK before heading to Europe. Catch it if you get the chance.


Photos and Review by Peter Nicholson

Peter is a Southampton based photographer who specialises in Concert, Live Music, Performance and Show photography. He also runs Sound Level and Sofar Sounds on the South Coast. We’re delighted to have him join the Breaking Glass team; do check out his work on the link above.

24th September 2022

Live – Gwenno at Komedia Brighton

Gwenno at Komedia Brighton, 19th September 2022

With tracks from her new album Tresor, a short film worthy of an art installation, and a homage to cheese like no other, Gwenno paid a visit to Brighton’s Komedia on Monday night. Seamless vocals, strong backing from her band and a warm welcome from the packed room made for a lovely atmosphere and a great performance. Check out our gallery below…

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Photos by Siobhan

22nd September 2022

Live – Altered Images | Vanity Fairy at Concorde 2

Altered Images & Vanity Fairy at Concorde 2, Brighton, 13th September 2022

There’s always an element of a gamble in seeing an artist whose music you’ve listened to as you grew up. Will it bring back happy memories or feel like a tribute to the past? No such concern with Altered Images as, in addition to the classics, Clare Grogan has continued to stake her place in the music world, with collaborations on latest album Mascara Streakz with both Bernard Butler and Robert Hodgens, better known to most of us as Bobby Bluebell.

The set at Brighton’s Concorde 2 showcased her ability to hold the audience in the palm of her hand with a mix of great tunes, storytelling and an instantly recognisable voice that still sounds as strong as ever. It rained for most of the day on Tuesday but the night ended with a spark of pure sunshine; impossible not to enjoy this.

And a shout out for an inspired choice of support as Vanity Fairy won over the crowd (not an easy task when you have a fanbase this established) with their enchanting synth-disco tunes, complete with a vocal worthy of the love child of Kate Bush and Sylvester.

For one night only, the seafront had more sequins than pebbles – which is no bad thing.

Vanity Fairy

Altered Images

Words and photos by Siobhan

16th September 2022


Live – THEIA at Rock City

THEIA at Rock City, Nottingham, 14th September 2022
(Supporting Magnum)

Brothers… who’d have them! An easy question for Kyle and Ash Lamley, the fraternal duo who make up the incredible multi-genre combo, THEIA.

I caught up with the guys backstage at Rock City before they took the stage on the 3rd date of their tour supporting mighty Hard Rock icons, MAGNUM on their 50th anniversary tour.

Prior to my visit, I’d been listening to the young band’s catalogue and could only question how the duo secured such a prestigious support? Elder brother, singer Kyle, explained that Magnum keyboard wizard, Rick Benton, had been a college inspiration and the personal connection was made there.

The brothers are chatty, relaxed and very funny. If you get to meet them, ask how Kyle, being an official Teletubby, met the love of his life! They’re great storytellers, which translates into well-crafted and often introspective lyrics of their songs.

Outside Rock City the queue of Magnum fans began early and I couldn’t help but wonder how these hardcore rockers would receive this young band!

As the Lamley brothers took to the stage, their clever use of theatrics engaged their audience instantly, before even striking a note! Kyle announced the band’s arrival with a large placard emblazoned ‘APPLAUSE’, followed by a quick flip to reverse, ‘MANIC SCREAM,’ the crowd dutifully followed. Behind the drum kit, younger brother, Ash, adorned an enormous pair of inflatable hands to add extra fun and warmth to their unusual introduction.

With the audience already on their side, THEIA opened with Fire, establishing the tone for the remainder of the set with strong beats, brave lyrics and infectious energy. This was followed by fan favourite, Blue Heart.

As the crowd swelled in number, following a perfect rendition of the emotional There’s A Boy , telling the story of Kyle’s growing up with Type-1 Diabetes, Ash emerged from behind the drum kit to re-ignite the room by leading a dynamic, fun t-shirt give-away .

The set concluded with a great singalong, HooWoo; the entire crowd by this time having quadrupled in size joining in as one!

For a novice THEIA gig goer, this was a young band’s masterclass in how to win fans and influence them!

Good luck THEIA; based on that performance, your future is assured!


Words and photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

16th September 2022

Live – VLURE at The Moth Club

VLURE at The Moth Club, London, 9th September 2022

And so it builds – new songs like blankets you can wrap yourself in, a growing fanbase travelling far from home, a sense of expectation that is never disappointed – the rise of VLURE isn’t stopping any time soon.

Never Heard of Ya’s combined 3rd birthday and farewell party filled The Moth Club on Friday night, and there’s little doubt about who stole the show. Every VLURE set feels like a privilege to witness, something you’ll never regret making the journey for. And catching familiar faces in the crowd is becoming a regular thing too, a strong sense of being in on an increasingly less well kept secret.

With the stage ferocity of The Snakeheads, the pulsing tempo of heavy dance beats and the propulsion of all that was good about 80s’ electronica, if you’ve not caught this band live yet then don’t sleep on it for too much longer… but be nice and save us a space at the front.


Words and photos by Siobhan

12th September 2022

Live – Everything Everything at The Wedgewood Rooms

Everything Everything at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, 24th August 2022

I think it’s fair to say that the past two years have been pretty rough for us all. The live music scene has certainly had its share of struggles since the initial outbreak of Covid-19, but amongst the endless doom and gloom there is cause for optimism.

Back in the summer of 2020, the Revive Live campaign (a partnership between The National Lottery and Music Venue Trust) launched to help independent venues survive post-Covid. Its mission is to support UK grass roots venues by bringing big artists to intimate crowds, and well, so far so good.

Manchester art rock heavyweights Everything Everything grace the Wedge’s stage tonight to a sold-out crowd, but first up we have Hayden Thorpe. Performing as a solo act, Hayden conjures up a calming atmosphere which is unfortunately punctured by the gathering crowd’s constant chatting. However, Hayden seems unphased for the most part and looks to be enjoying himself. Good for him.

Having only heard a handful of tracks from Everything Everything’s six album discography, I’m told that their latest album Raw Data Feel is one of their best. Luckily then tonight’s set leans heavily on that cache of tunes. Teletype kicks things off, and the crowd are immediately singing along to every word and dancing like they’re VIP guests at the world’s greatest indie-disco circa 2005.

Watching the set unfold at a steady pace, I feel that Everything Everything are a band that is greater than the sum of its parts. Michael Spearman’s drums are loud, punchy and straight to the point. This approach then complements Jeremy Pritchard’s tight rolling bass grooves, whilst Alex Robertshaw’s efficient yet effective guitar leads provide plenty of texture and dynamics to songs like Jennifer and Night of the Long Knives.

Singer Jonathan Higgs’s passionate falsetto vocal delivery rounds off the Everything Everything sound, and it’s during Kemosabe where it really shines. The crowd sing along loudly, and Higgs can’t help but smile throughout as his words are pelted back at the band with more enthusiasm than I’m used to seeing these days.

Now, I have already admitted to not being well-versed on the subject of Everything Everything’s back catalogue. However, the last three songs of the main set are really impressive. Here we get the triple threat ‘bangers’ Bad Friday, Cough Cough and I Want A Love Like This. Each track is a total ear worm, and I’ve had them stuck in my head since the show. I Want A Love Like This in particular gets my vote as Robertshaw moves over to play synth, and Higgs’s voice soars during the chorus. I feel alive indeed.

We had to leave before the encore sadly, but judging by the band’s performance tonight, I would say Everything Everything are a solid and enjoyable live act, and it was fun seeing them play on a smaller stage. So, support the Revive Live campaign, support your local independent music venue and maybe knock the chat on the head whilst the acts are performing.

Everything Everything

Words by Ryan Howarth
Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

31st August 2022

Live – Safety Jacket | Maximilian | Pastil at The Rialto Theatre

Safety Jacket, Maximilian & Pastil at The Rialto Theatre, Brighton, 12th August 2022

After a couple of years in the making, Safety Jacket launched their debut album Honey from the Wasp Nest into the world on Friday night in the stunning setting of Brighton’s Rialto Theatre. 

Kicking things off, Pastil opened proceedings with some smooth dream-pop tunes, just the thing to escape from the heat outside to. Announcing a name change to bobbysmiles, watch out for what’s to follow.

Next up, having swiftly emerged from behind the first set’s drum kit to take the mic for the second – Maximilian with an almost Cure-esque quality to his vocals, and some more familiar faces to hand from the local scene.

And so to Safety Jacket – a special evening for the Brighton three-piece and lots of support in the room. Honey from the Wasp Nest is as much a collection of short stories as a collection of songs. Dedicated to vocalist George’s grandad Derek, a photo of whom is projected above the stage, it feels like a very honest and heartfelt project, the ethos of which will be relatable to many. Veering from indie rock to almost Bragg-like protest poetry, the album is full of twists, turns and mood swings.

With lots to reflect on, it’s clear that the band have put everything into making this record and it stands up as a piece of work that manages to avoid the pitfalls of sameness that it’s easy to fall into in an attempt to follow trends. Something of a concept album, showcased at the theatre with a great reception and a call back for one more song at the end? I reckon Derek would’ve loved it.

You can listen to and purchase the album here

Words and photos by Siobhan

15th August 2022

Live – The Cribs at Pryzm Kingston

The Cribs at Pryzm Kingston for Banquet Records, 31st July 2022

The Cribs have a diehard fanbase, always there to party and equally happy to hear the new tunes as the old ones. This week though has been all about the old ones, as the Wakefield trio released special edition versions of their first three albums.

And to add the icing to the cake, some live shows to take everyone down memory lane. A show to play through each of the albums, The Cribs, The New Fellas and Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. The twist? All three on the same day, one after another. Sunday was the turn of Banquet Records, utilising Pryzm down the road for their out-stores.

Almost off to a shaky start with a broken down van, happily none of us knew how close things were to being cancelled, and the opportunity was there for those in the right bit of the queue inside to watch the Lionesses kick off on time instead. But inevitably worth the wait, The Cribs never disappoint live, not once, not twice, not three times.

A day to remember and a chance to relive the early days – all three records are currently and deservedly sitting comfortably in the UK chart top 10. What can you say? Brilliant albums, brilliant shows, whatever…

Words and photos by Siobhan

2nd August 2022

Live – Yumi and the Weather | Outpost 3 | Shallow Honey at The Factory Live

Yumi and the Weather, Outpost 3 and Shallow Honey at The Factory Live, Worthing, 6th July 2022

It’s always interesting to see an artist grow over the years, and Yumi and the Weather (the brainchild and alter ego of Ruby Taylor) is a fine example of how to hone and develop your skills to keep reaching a new audience whilst retaining those who have supported from the start. With the ability to switch pace and genre, last night’s performance at The Factory Live was a great showcase of their talent, and even came with an offer of merch available for cash or croissants.

The venue is tucked away on an industrial estate in Worthing but has a great layout, sound and lighting – let’s hope it continues to attract more acts in, as there is definitely a change in the air of what was once hailed a sleepy seaside town.

A good night all round, with no option than for the crowd to warm up with solid sets from supports Shallow Honey and Outpost 3; gallery below.

Shallow Honey

Outpost 3

Yumi and the Weather

Words and photos by Siobhan

7th July 2022

Live – Deliluh at The Hope & Ruin

Deliluh at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 17th June 2022

Something of a well kept secret, Deliluh combine influences from different eras and genres, their Canadian roots and European base no doubt adding to the melting pot. The band are now a duo comprising Kyle Knapp and Julius Pederson, but the sound they create is worthy of a stage full of musicians, perhaps not surprising as they seem able to switch between instruments at the drop of a hat, without even needing a hat.

A heady mix of synths, distortion and a lap steel guitar, topped off by the unexpected but delightful addition of sax, the crowd veered between transfixation and jubilant dancing. Elements of early VU, the darker side of 80s’ electronica, hints of melancholy and the stage presence of a certain Mr E Smith made for a very special evening. I wonder how long the secret will be well kept.

Words and photos by Siobhan

23rd June 2022

Live – Blood Red Shoes | Ciel | GLU at Chalk

Blood Red Shoes, Ciel & GLU at Chalk, Brighton, 15th June 2022

Touring with their latest album Ghosts on Tape, Blood Red Shoes were always bound to receive a warm hometown welcome in Brighton, playing last night to an elated crowd at Chalk. Eclectic support came from locally based rising stars Ciel and the elusive GLU (aka Michael Shuman – Mini Mansions / QOTSA). Check out our photo gallery from Mike Burnell below…



Blood Red Shoes

Photos © Mike Burnell (

16th June 2022

Live + Interview – South of Salem

Definitely not Massachusetts

Live from Call Of The Wild Festival, 2022

South Of Salem. Mean anything? Not a direction to an American town, but an incredible new band from beside the English seaside!

Hailing from Bournemouth, South of Salem have made it up to the Lincolnshire Showground for Call Of The Wild Festival, 2022 and last night produced what frontman, Joey Draper, called ‘one of the best gigs (he’s) ever played.’ Anyone in the audience would find it hard not to agree that their set was a ‘standout’ memory of the festival’s first day.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Joey and his wife, Lolly, the morning after the night before, to find out a little more about the SOS ‘phenomenon.’

Conceived just a month before Lockdown 1, it’s astonishing to realise that this band is holding its own alongside bands of much greater experience within the New Wave Of Classic Rock genre.

Belying everything his stage persona would lead you to believe, Joey Draper is shy, unassuming and well spoken. When he talks, his whole being is embroiled with the passion he feels for what he and his band of amazing creatives are doing.

He has a vision, clear and entirely realistic in terms of the speed with which South Of Salem have rocketed onto the scene during unprecedented times. The Voice of Conscience rings loud and clear through the lyrics, addressing contemporary issues such as male suicide, sadly something which has impacted on the band with their friends over the last year and a half.

With Gothic-style dolly dancers, (one of whom is Joey’s wife, Lolly), pyrotechnics, creative lighting and boundless energy, the front row members continuously leap atop strategically placed risers, allowing everyone to enjoy the limelight.

I’m not a betting person, but I’m prepared to lay long odds that the Big NameRock Festivals will be after these guys for their shows next year.

Get ahead of the crowd and discover them for yourselves now.

South Of Salem really do ROCK!

South of Salem

Words and photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

27th May 2022

Live – Kate Nash | Revenge Wife | Orchards at Chalk

Kate Nash, Revenge Wife & Orchards at Chalk, Brighton, 23rd May 2022

Just a few months away from the 15 year anniversary of her debut album Made of Bricks, Kate Nash is working her way through a string of UK dates. Last night she put on a great show at Chalk in Brighton, with support from Revenge Wife and Orchards. Mike Burnell was there to capture the evening in pictures, gallery below…

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Revenge Wife

Kate Nash

Photos © Mike Burnell (

24th May 2022



Live – Michael Kiwanuka at The Brighton Centre

Michael Kiwanuka at The Brighton Centre, 20th May 2022

Following the inevitable postponements that have hit almost every artist over the last couple of years, Michael Kiwanuka is finally taking his Mercury award winning album KIWANUKA out on the road. On Friday night the tour came to a packed Brighton Centre and proved, unsurprisingly, to be well worth the wait.

It only takes the first few seconds of opening track Piano Joint before the crowd is singing along, a tale of healing that seems wholly appropriate in the current environment. His vocal is, as ever, smooth and effortless, think the most chilled version of Curtis Mayfield you could imagine and you’re some way there.

Then, as the light show kicks in, he launches straight into One More Night, funk undertones joining the soulful reach from not just Kiwanuka but his accomplished band and backing vocalists, spread across the width and height of the stage in a multi-level formation. The stage at The Brighton Centre is far from small but it feels like every inch is filled with something to watch and listen to.

When the intro to Black Man in a White World begins, the room is instantly clapping along and as the show continues, his skills cross-genre are apparent, influences of blues and folk  jumping into the mix seamlessly. It’s one of those performances that’s great to watch but you could equally just shut your eyes and listen for a solidly beautiful experience.

It’s not hard to see why Kiwanuka is a regular on awards nominations lists, there’s something almost unworldly about his ability to segue from track to track, changing tempo and style while holding the audience completely captive in his palm. A night full of special moments and songs set to become classics, ironic that the most unassuming artists often have the most to shout about.

Michael Kiwanuka

Words and photos by Siobhan 

23rd May 2022

The Great Escape Festival 2022

The Great Escape, Brighton, 12th-14th May 2022

After three long years, The Great Escape returned to Brighton, a showcase for new music like no other as every corner of the city is only a pebble’s throw from the next venue. With hundreds of artists playing daily, it’s impossible to capture more than a fraction of the festival. Given that its whole ethos is about discovering new music of every kind from the local, national and international scene, and that we’re always looking to do the same, we’re bringing you our highlights and putting the spotlight on five featured artists from varying genres who we feel deserve to be shouted about. Inevitably there are others we would’ve liked to meet and feature too, but there’s always another time.

So, 3 days of sunshine, over 450 artists on the line-up (not even counting all the Alt Escape shows), 54,842 steps walked, and it all kicked off with the chance at last to catch Fräulein play one of their many sets of the weekend at Queen’s Hotel. An assured start to the day, and already bumping into friends old and new.

The variety of what was available to see on both the main and Alt stages didn’t take long to surface as we caught new to us She’s in Parties (Unbarred) and Tony Njoku (Shortt’s Bar), then later the awesome Pozi, who received loads of support from the crowd as they deftly tried to battle through really painful sound issues at Revenge.

Across the course of the weekend there were some incredible solo artists to witness too; on point electronica from Michael Georgian at The Pipeline, a heart-warming set in the gorgeous surroundings of St Mary’s Church from Douglas Dare, and a slick prowl around the Coalition basement with Sinead O’Brien.

Always bringing a bit of fun to the table, excellent stuff as expected from The Bug Club at Brighthelm, and if there’s a vest to be ripped you can rely on Priestgate to do the honours, frantic as ever in their animated performance at Unbarred.

Medicine Cabinet made their mark with a strong set, a big crowd and a plastic sword that can only ever add value at One Church, and the wonderful Audio Books once again gave a masterclass in playing live at Horatio’s Bar.

Well, we promised you featured artists and here they are. In no particular order, we think there’s something here for everyone. Check them out if you haven’t already and let the memories of the weekend soak away the blisters on your feet ( a beautiful picture to paint I know, you’re welcome).

deep tan

Intriguing, enchanting and with stabbing riffs that demand a space to stay rent-free inside your head, London based deep tan are amassing a following and lots of media interest, but are still way less exposed than they deserve to be. Not surprising that those who were watching for the first time immediately asked when they could see them again, and those who weren’t present at Shortt’s Bar who I spoke to later in day were genuinely annoyed that they’d missed them.

There are bands that sound good on record and there are bands that hit the nail on the head when they play live. A thing of joy when the two collide, deep tan do both consistently and faultlessly. Their latest EP diamond horsetail is out now – dip in and be prepared to stay for a long swim.

C’est Karma

Hailing from Luxembourg, C’est Karma offers up a heady mix of electronic music coupled with vocals that range at times from frenetic to blissfully peaceful, a touch reminiscent of Sugarcubes era Björk, updated to reflect the skills of an artist who can grab your attention with just themselves and a table of tech onstage.

Addressing the gender gap and the joy that comes from a bowl of pasta (two pretty serious issues, let’s be honest), Karma seems wise beyond her years. With a calm and unassuming presence, she comes to life on stage at Brighthelm and is definitely one to watch. New EP Amuse-Bouche has just been released, get ready to be impressed.


On their first trip to Brighton, Dutch four-piece Banji are here to provide a big old dose of indie, tinged with a soulful undertone and the energy of a freshly opened can of summertime. The breezy exterior belies some deeper lyrics though, as they sing about the pressures of existence amidst pop art style explosions of samples and Devo-esque production.

Their debut album Freshcakes is due for release via PIAS Recordings in October and, judging by the reaction from the crowd at Latest Music Bar, they’ll be very welcome back for their second visit to the city to play it, whenever that may be.


Managing to combine an incredibly accomplished sound with a clear enjoyment of what they do, South London trio Honeyglaze are not only riding the crest of a wave of super talented breakthrough artists, they’re sitting right up there taking the reins. There are sprinklings of spoken word in their tracks but without the reliance so many bands hold to this, Anouska’s vocals are more than able to command the spotlight, a pure sounding hybrid of Alvvays and The Long Blondes with the class of both.

Their set at Unbarred was seamless, their self-titled album is out now and frankly, it’s just really, really good. Absolutely would recommend and it feels like this is just the beginning of something that will only get better and better. A happy discovery.


It likely won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who knows me who our last featured artist is. Dispelling the theory that you can have too much of a good thing, I headed down the pier to catch up with the inimitable VLURE before their set at Horatio’s Bar.

Confirming that they would only be playing one set at TGE “to keep it special”, we talked about the huge wave of musical talent coming out of Glasgow, something it’s always been famous for but seems right now to be unstoppable. “It’s a comparatively small city so it’s easy to get involved” they tell me, noting that lots of the current legion of bands all practice at Axiom and all support each other with lots of “healthy competition” (they’re heading to see their friends in Medicine Cabinet over the weekend). Then there’s a wealth of local venues to take your first steps in – Broadcast, The Hug and Pint and Nice N Sleazy to name a few.

Their previous visits to Brighton have undoubtedly been memorable for anyone attending their gigs but what’s their impression? With reference points ranging from Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days on Earth to how cold the floor is at Green Door, it’s good to know we’re not just known for Quadrophenia Alley and sticks of rock. Hopefully, the weekend will treat them well enough that they’ll want to come back soon. Check out their aptly named Euphoria EP.

The venue is justifiably rammed as they finally come on stage. It’s late, it’s hot, the performance is once again vehement in its total commitment to make sure each and every person in the crowd is immersed in a feeling of complete elation. No blood to my knowledge but certainly plenty of sweat and tears. 

I asked them how they do it, how they make every show more of an event than the last and there’s a fairly simple answer. “It’s just the way we do things, that’s who we are. That’s what it’s all about – just getting in front of people and giving it everything we have every single time, we can’t do it any other way”.

In an industry that encourages artists to saturate the market as they blindly covet the  momentary rush of a top three chart position, it’s easy to forget that music is about more than just money or status. It’s about what it means to people, how it makes you feel, how it cuts into your heart and lets you forget about everything else just for a few minutes. In a world of fakery and pretence, this is what matters, this is real… this is VLURE.

To all at The Great Escape, to all the artists featured and to everyone we met along the way, thank you for the past few days – see you next year, go get some sleep now.

The Great Escape

Words and photos by Siobhan

16th May 2022

Live – James Bay at Chalk

James Bay at Chalk, Brighton, 3rd May 2022

As fans eagerly await the release of his third album, James Bay is providing a taste of what’s to come on latest track Give Me The Reason, and is part way through his UK tour of the same name. Last night saw him take the stage at Chalk in Brighton, Mike Burnell was there to capture his performance, gallery below.

Details for remaining tour dates for James Bay here

Photos © Mike Burnell (

4th May 2022