Live – Jim Jones All Stars | Palooka 5 | Paul Groovy at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Jim Jones All Stars, Palooka 5 and Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience at The Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, 14th January 2023

An eclectic mix bringing a night full of great music and a matching atmosphere as Jim Jones All Stars take to the stage at The Wedgewood Rooms, with support from Palooka 5 and Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience. Some fab photos here from Hannah Mesquitta…

Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience


Palooka 5

Jim Jones All Stars

Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

26th January 2023

New Music – Frankie Wesson

Frankie Wesson – Just Friends

Hard gigging Frankie Wesson and her band have just had a launch party for her new single Just Friends. Frankie Wesson started writing songs and performing in her hometown of Abergavenny at the age of 16. Her cinematic songs draw inspiration from her personal experiences of bitter-sweet nostalgia, unrequited love, teenage angst and the complicated reality of growing up LGBTQ+.

Her versatile vocal range and talent for emotive, relatable song writing makes for captivating live performances. Frankie’s original songs have been featured on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing as well as Spotify’s Chilled Pop Hits and New Music Friday playlists. The electro-pop single Reasons from her album Still Got Time has had over 112,000 streams on Spotify. Swansea’s Soundboard magazine described Wesson’s music as ‘timeless; appealing to fans of Fleetwood Mac and Paramore alike without compromising or diluting any of the style that makes Wesson’s music her own’.

Frankie Wesson

We’re really happy to have some new contributors joining us from across the UK – check out more of photographer Del Edwards’ work on Instagram, Facebook and the website link below.

Words and photos by Del Edwards

16th December 2022

Live – Blancmange at The Venue Worthing

Blancmange at The Venue, Worthing, 9th December 2022

There’s a moment every year when it suddenly starts to feel like Christmas, and this year Friday night at The Venue was that moment. For those not local, the eponymously named venue in question is what used to be converted church St Paul’s Arts Centre. Retaining the original stained glass windows and balcony, and festooned with giant snowflakes and balloons, it felt more like walking into a weird office party than a gig (in a good way). It’s a very cool location, in architectural features and temperature, but coats firmly staying on didn’t stop the crowd from singing and dancing their hearts out as the current formation of synth-pop royalty Blancmange hit the stage.

With a set list spanning the decades, the songs held a certain charm that combined the original sound with subtle reworkings from different eras. Tracks from new album Private View received a great response; latest single Reduced Voltage showcases a deeper version of electronica that stands up in today’s market, and vinyl copies of the album had sold out at the merch desk before the show began. Neil Arthur clearly still loves being on stage and there was lots of chat and interaction with the crowd. 

And those hoping for a little nostalgia weren’t to be disappointed, as the set was interspersed with favourites including Waves, That’s Love That It Is and Blind Vision, before the inevitable flourish of a finish with Living On The Ceiling. With the room still singing along to the riff, the band left the stage briefly before returning to close with Don’t Tell Me. A night full of atmosphere and top tunes – and good to see the live music circuit in Worthing continuing to expand.


Review / photos by Callum / Siobhan

14th December 2022






Live – The Vamps | The Aces | Henry Moodie at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

The Vamps, The Aces & Henry Moodie at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, 10th December 2022

Celebrating a decade of hits, The Vamps are packing out venues across the UK before heading off on worldwide dates in the new year. 10 Years Of The Vamps – The Greatest Hits Tour stopped off in Nottingham on Saturday night, with support from The Aces and Henry Moodie; Milly McPhee was there to capture the moment…

Henry Moodie

The Aces

The Vamps

We’re delighted to introduce photographer Milly McPhee to Breaking Glass readers; you can check out more of her fabulous images via the link below!

Photos by Milly McPhee

12th December 2022

Live – Shinedown | Asking Alexandria | Zero 9.36 at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Shinedown Planet Zero World Tour at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, with Asking Alexandria & Zero 9.36, 29th November 2022

The Rock was hot on Tuesday night at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena when Shinedown brought their Planet Zero World Tour to town.

The good people of the city and beyond turned out in force to enjoy an amazing show complete with huge pyro effects throughout!

Asking Alexandria’s incredible energy and Zero 9.36’s contrasting style all came together to deliver a faultless evening’s entertainment.

Long live Rock!


Asking Alexandria

Zero 9.36

Words and photos by Tina Sherwood at All the Ts Photography 

1st December 2022

Live – Placebo | Cruel Hearts Club at Portsmouth Guildhall

Placebo & Cold Hearts Club at Portsmouth Guildhall, 18th November 2022

In the midst of a huge world tour, Placebo stopped off at Portsmouth Guildhall last week to share an equally huge stage performance to a packed venue. Bringing less experience but plenty of attitude to the support slot, Cruel Hearts Club look sure to have picked up a host of new fans on the tour. Gallery from both artists by Hannah Mesquitta below.

Cruel Hearts Club


Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

25th November 2022


Live – Absolute Bowie at The Rescue Rooms Nottingham

Absolute Bowie at The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 19th November 2022

Widely acknowledged as the best Bowie tribute in Europe, Absolute Bowie take the crowd on a journey through the many personas of David Bowie in a set full of hits from across the decades. Check out our gallery from The Rescue Rooms below…

Photos by Tina Sherwood at All the Ts Photography

23rd November 2022

Mutations Festival 2022 (part 2)

Mutations Festival, Brighton – 4th/5th November 2022

It was good to see Mutations back following last year’s successful post-lockdown event. Word seemed to have spread, as we met lots of people who’d travelled from across the UK to be here.

After an energy-filled start on Thursday, Friday saw a welcome return to Brighton for Pozi at the Latest Music Bar. Some technical issues at the start of the set must have had the band reminiscing about the feedback horrors of the Great Escape, but fair play to the sound team on this occasion for getting things back on track; setting up a violin to be its best must be a challenge after a swathe of guitar bands, but thankfully not an insurmountable challenge on this occasion. It wouldn’t often come across as a compliment to say a band is interesting – Pozi though really are interesting in the best of ways, and always a good booking.

Some consternation from ticket holders that their expectations of being guaranteed entry to the headline acts at Chalk were blighted by long queues outside the venue, which seemingly was already at capacity, resulting in some missing out on the joys of Warmduscher and the eclectic stage presence of Squid. Security is often much maligned but did a great job here in appeasing the crowd and keeping things upbeat.

Happily, this seemed to have been resolved by Saturday, and not even the continuous rain could dampen the mood. After lots of strong rumours about the secret set at Chalk, The Murder Capital came on fashionably late; a general crowd-pleaser seeming pleased themselves to cause a mosh pit so early in the day.

More audience interaction over at The Albert, as Saint Agnes stepped in at the eleventh hour and brought together old fans and new – their tribute to Keth Flint, a pure punk version of Firestarter, putting a smile on everyone’s face.

And if those present thought that was a lively performance, they were about to have the stakes upped in dramatic fashion. Priestgate are always going to be in line for the most photographed band award – the fact that they could barely all fit on the stage not causing an issue as vocalist Rob Schofield is barely still for a second, and as happy in the crowd or hanging from the lights as at the front. A delight to watch and shoot, look out for a return date to Brighton in February.

Over at The Hope & Ruin, Spang Sisters brought the pace down with ease and style. With an ever-changing line up and numerous ties to other local bands, they played a beautiful set complete with flute, cello, violin, drums, bass, and some hopping between guitar and keys. It can be easy in all-day events to stick with the most outrageous or frenetic on the bill, but to master laid back orchestration is something special and those present here were onto a winner. Charismatic, refreshing, and a welcome break from ego that delivers more than any facade could.

A quick run down the road to Komedia Studio delivered a very busy room engulfed by the smoke machine. Thankfully, Jessica Winter’s vocals are consistently so sharp and on-point that they cut through the dried ice with ease. Replicating recorded versions of tracks isn’t a gift everyone has, and it’s a measure of talent and confidence that lets an artist carry off a solo performance where nothing is lost in translation – downstairs at the theatre felt like stepping into something separate from the rest of the festival, a happy parallel world in a darkened basement.

Sticking around at Komedia, finally a chance to see Hamish Hawk live – and it didn’t disappoint. Hawk falls comfortably into that cluster of Scottish vocalists who have a certain euphonious quality of tone that captivates and charms (preceded by Mackenzie, Collins, Kapranos et al). Another act returning to Brighton in the new year, and one not to be missed.

And then the inevitable choice between headliners and more intimate surroundings resulted in a dip into both. Shame brought a big crowd at Chalk, choosing a wall of sound over clarity, and won the crowd over with lots of early favourites mixed with teasers from next year’s album release.

While back at The Hope & Ruin, Fräulein showcased their grunge-tinted talents, giving a great performance and engaging the room from start to finish. The two-piece have an obvious musical connection which only seems to get stronger over time. A perfect way to end the evening.

With more to follow for those attending on Sunday from Scalping and Bob Vylan amongst others, Mutations managed once again to put together an impressive list of artists to fill the venues of Brighton, leaving the train strikes and the weather a distant memory. See you next year!

Review / Photos by Callum / Siobhan

Gallery from Thursday at Mutations here (featuring Pussy Riot, Penelope Isles, WH Lung and Pip Blom)

12th November 2022

Live – Massive Wagons | Ugly Kid Joe at Rock City Nottingham

Co-headliner Massive Wagons & Ugly Kid Joe at Rock City, Nottingham, 4th November 2022

A night to cleanse your ears as Massive Wagons and Ugly Kid Joe played their co-headliner at Rock City on Friday! Some great shots from the evening by Tina Sherwood in our gallery below.

Ugly Kid Joe

Massive Wagons

Photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

9th November 2022


Live – VLURE | Kynsy | Redolent at The Lexington London

VLURE, Kynsy & Redolent at The Lexington, London, 3rd November 2022 (BBC Introducing)

In a week where BBC services have taken a potential battering, a reminder of all that they do outside of the regular TV and radio shows. Thursday night saw The Lexington packed, despite the irascible weather and threats of a train strike that happily never happened – an eclectic platform to showcase three artists, all of whom are well deserving of that support.

First up, Redolent’s mix of dark drums and synth samplers drew the crowd in, with a visible upturn in appreciation as the set progressed.


Next on stage, Kynsy impressed with a collection of songs that charged down the standard indie-pop of other acts, with accomplished vocals, great musicianship and ridiculously catchy hooks.


Headliners for the evening, and crashing with ease through the huge wave of anticipation for their set, VLURE maintained their status at the top of the new acts you cannot miss tree. It’s beyond me that they’re not already much bigger, but they have an astute awareness of how the industry works and of keeping things moving at their pace rather than feeling forced into saturation; a stance that many  over-exposed acts could learn from.

But this isn’t just clever marketing, VLURE have style and substance in abundance. An unexpected switch up with Alex taking vocals in her stride on the opening track, some new songs, some already firm favourites, a cacophony of sound that somehow brings calm and makes sense of the madness going on in the world right now. There’s a bit of me that wants it to stay like this, but VLURE deserve every success that comes their way and, if there’s any justice in the world, it surely will.


And to all the teams at BBC Introducing who continually work to bring artists like this to the forefront, we’re all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you – to lose this would be unforgivable.

Review & photos © Siobhan

7th November 2022


Mutations Festival 2022 (part 1)

Mutations Festival opening day, Chalk Brighton, 3rd November 2022

An international flavour to open and close day one at Chalk, the biggest venue taking part in this year’s Mutations Festival, as things kicked off with The Netherlands’ indie-pop outfit Pip Blom, and finished with the riotous glory of Russia’s Pussy Riot. Deftly sandwiched in the middle were Manchester electro wizards WH Lung and dream-psych Brighton favourites Penelope Isles.

Gallery below from Mike Burnell. Keep an eye out for more from Mutations on the website during the week.

WH Lung

Pip Blom

Penelope Isles

Pussy Riot (plus header shot)

Photos © Mike Burnell (

6th November 2022

Live – The Bug Club | The Dream Machine | Hutch at The Piper St Leonards

The Bug Club, The Dream Machine & Hutch at The Piper, St Leonards-on-Sea, 29th October 2022

It would seem there’s no stopping The Bug Club, with tickets flying out wherever they play. And they have been playing far and wide, amassing followers as they go, and gifting what must be close to a 20-song set to those who came to see what all the fuss was about at The Piper on Saturday. It’s pretty simple really – they know how to write a great hook, their energy is infectious and they look like they’re having the best of times. There are still loads of dates coming up if you’re lucky enough to grab a ticket on a night that isn’t sold out, value for money guaranteed.

Support came from Liverpool’s The Dream Machine, who may also be relative newcomers but are already making a name for themselves with a nod to local stalwarts of the Merseyside scene The Coral and The Zutons, and an added layer of pure NYC punk rock riffs. Proficient and precise, the band played a strong set and look to be well on their way to bigger things. Frankly, anyone who can rock a NWA T-shirt with a crocheted waistcoat is deserving of some attention.

On the subject of attire, harp-inclusive ensemble Hutch picked up the Halloween memo and wore it well, opening the evening in style and with a gentle wash of soft-psych nostalgia; photo gallery from all three acts below.

Hosted by Acid Box Promotions and Dictionary Pudding.


The Dream Machine

The Bug Club

Review and photos by Siobhan

2nd November 2022

Live – Architects at Chalk Brighton

Architects at Chalk Brighton, 24th October 2022

Architects returned to Brighton for an intimate sold out hometown show at Chalk to celebrate the release of their new album, The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit.

The band now join Biffy Clyro’s UK arena tour, a formidable pairing if you have the chance to catch them.

Mike Burnell was at Chalk to capture the action, gallery below.

Photos by Mike Burnell (

25th  October 2022

Live – Divorce | Safety Jacket | Ladylike at The Hope & Ruin Brighton

Divorce, Safety Jacket & Ladylike at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 11th October 2022

Back in March, Divorce played in the bar downstairs at The Hope & Ruin. They undoubtedly made a good impression, as this time round they filled the bigger space upstairs with their subtly sanguine post-punk tunes and a hugely enthusiastic crowd. Although still relatively early days in their musical union, it seems Divorce have found their niche and their followers, even playing a second rendition of Services to allow an audience member to take over drum duties.

In support, Safety Jacket’s camaraderie is obvious as they perform their new songs with growing confidence, and openers Ladylike impressed on only their third gig.

Hosted by Love Thy Neighbour – photo gallery from all three bands below…


Safety Jacket


Review and photos by Siobhan

14th October 2022