New Music – Good Posture

Good Posture – Changin’ (EP)

New EP from Good Posture (aka Joel Randles) lands today, a quartet of songs filled with hazy guitars and synth-pop punches. Latest single Last Time sets the pace, sitting somewhere between Gengahr and Klaxons on the indie classics playlist, before taking things down a pace on title track Changin’, a ballad for modern times. Remaining tracks I Feel Fine and Italy demonstrate Joel’s versatility and production skills with twists and turns throughout.

The EP reflects on the impact of moving from place to place, not forgetting the added changes brought about by lockdown. Joel says, “It’s essentially an internal conversation about constantly moving around and trying to convince myself that leaving a place is not always the answer, that I should be more content with what I have. But then equally driving myself crazy at the same time wondering if my decision was the right thing to do in the moment.”

If the music is a by-product of those changes, then you would have to conclude that some good decisions have been made; the songs follow the journey and definitely lift the mood for the better.

Changin’ is released today via Feeltrip / Tip Top Recordings

Good Posture

Words by Siobhan

22nd October 2021

Live – The Hot Damn! | The Addiction | Ghosts of Men at The Old Salutation Inn

The Hot Damn, Addiction & Ghosts of Men at The Old Salutation Inn, Nottingham, 15th October 2021

The Hot Damn! Gals at The Sal

Resident ghosts at The Old Salutation Inn, Nottingham must have been rocking last Friday (15th October) as The Hot Damn! gave a show of dynamic proportions relative to the size of the venue, much to the delight of everyone in attendance!

The whole evening, promoted by local guys, The Public House Brand, had a great vibe, with top music from 3 great bands.

There may be only 2 band members, but Essex openers, Ghosts Of Men, made a massive impression on an unsuspecting audience, bringing the house down with their own distinctive Heavy Alt/Rock sound, gaining a host of new fans in the process.

Local band, The Addiction, have introduced a new singer and drummer since they last played the venue. Effie Wilson promises raw power vocals, alongside intense percussive energy from drummer, Dean Cruxon , giving the band a commanding Punk/Alt/Rock sound, warming the crowd up nicely before the headline act.

The Hot Damn! are a 4 piece with an impeccable Rock pedigree, harnessing experience from their times variously with The Amorettes, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Aaron Buchanan and the Cult Classics and New Device. They know just how it’s done and should be cited as inspiration for any young women with their hearts on rock stardom.

It was also heartening to note a diversity of ages and gender in the crowd, an accolade to the band for the appeal that their music conveys.

With a large inflatable banana doing the rounds of the audience as the band began to play, The Hot Damn! showed just why they are worthy of their name. These girls rock! A full 45-minute set of high-octane Rock and Roll left the audience calling for ‘more!’

Personal highlights were the incredible dual guitar riffs of Gill Montgomery and Laurie Buchanan, (taking me right back to the early years of Thin Lizzie’s Phil Lynott and Scott Goreham) and an exciting rendition of the band’s debut single, Dance Around.

The Attic at The Old Salutation Inn is an intimate venue, probably much smaller than the headliners are used to, but lucky for us, they gave an outstanding show, allowing us the chance to feel that this was just a little bit more special than usual.

All in all, an excellent night! Well done, The Public House Brand for a great show!

The Hot Damn! | The Addiction | Ghosts of Men

Words and Photos by Tina Sherwood

19th October 2021

New Music – Odd Morris

Odd Morris – Silhouette 

Despite its relatively short length of just over 2 minutes, Odd Morris’ newest single Silhouette manages to take you by the hand, exploring the intimacy of feelings of familial pressure and the issue of men’s mental health across generations, whilst unravelling both in terms of Daragh Griffin’s poetic lyricism – seen in the opening line “The face of a man steps out from his silhouette” – as well as in the gradual shift from a soft, bareback beginning to a complex weaving of mellow guitar riffs with heavy hitting percussion.

With its partnering video capturing essences of the same calm imagery, there’s nothing but anticipation towards the release of their EP, Cityscape the Ballet, on the 27th of October.

Words by Jacob Rose

18th October 2021

Live – Manic Street Preachers | Low Hummer at Portsmouth Guildhall

Manic Street Preachers & Low Hummer at Portsmouth Guildhall, 8th October 2021

Manic Street Preachers have been around for a while. 35 years in fact, and their career has seen them hit huge highs and crushing lows along the way. Most recently, The Manics have been celebrating their second UK number one after new album The Ultra Vivid Lament became only their second to hit the top spot of the charts following the success of This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours back in 1998. Tonight’s show in support of their latest triumph is a 20-song journey covering both new and old material that blends seamlessly together, and you can sense that the band are loving being back on the road.

Support this evening comes courtesy of Low Hummer, a six piece from Hull. Right from the off, each member of the band is locked into a tight groove that propels their 9-song set along nicely. Take Arms starts with a driving synth drone before the drums and bass come in to add a nice krautrock feel to proceedings. Guitarist/singer Dan Mawer then sings, ‘For all the Northerners pretending to be Southern, take arms, take arms.’ You’ve got to admire that for an opening line down here on the south coast. The guitars come crashing in shortly before the chorus, but not before Dan is joined on vocals by guitarist/singer Aimee Duncan. The interplay between the pair adds heaps of variety, whilst the rest of the band take charge and enjoy the ride. Their debut album Modern Tricks for Living is out now, and if you like the idea of your favourite garage rock, post punk and the more weirder indie bands around covering Bis, then you might just find what you’re looking for in Low Hummer.

Opening with Motorcycle Emptiness, The Manics mean business and they are as tight and powerful as you would expect from a band who have been at it this long. Orwellian then follows and it is a reminder that The Manics still have a knack for writing songs that have something to say about the state of the world. Frontman James Dean Bradfield is more than happy in front of the microphone and around it as he dances about the stage, all whilst bassist Nicky Wire, drummer Sean Moore and touring members Wayne Murray and Nick Nasmyth pummel the audience with precise rhythms and infectious melodies.

At the halfway point, we’re treated to a solo acoustic version of La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) from 1993’s Gold Against The Soul. The rest of the band then reappear to join James for a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child o’ Mine. Not just the opening bars, but the whole thing. All six minutes of it, note for note. The Manics are clearly enjoying themselves at this point and to be fair, so is everyone else in attendance. After a couple of slower tunes, the band are back firing on all cylinders with Slash ‘n’ Burn before they finish off tonight’s show with fan favourites Ocean Spray, You Love Us and A Design for Life.

Tonight’s performance was solid, and the tributes and moments dedicated to Richie were genuinely touching (Still Snowing in Sapporo). The Manics will always be the undisputed Welsh kings of crowd-pleasing anthemic rock, and tonight was a reminder of how truly great they are.

Manic Street Preachers | Low Hummer

Words by Ryan Howarth
Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

13th October 2021

Live – The Ninth Wave | Youth Sector | Priestgate at The Hope & Ruin

The Ninth Wave, Youth Sector & Priestgate at The Hope & Ruin Brighton, 9th October 2021

Another tour that’s been on the receiving end of postponements and rescheduling finally made its way to Brighton on Saturday; The Ninth Wave ensuring that everyone was left feeling the wait was more than worthwhile.

Supporting the supports is always important. It’s where all your favourite artists started out, it’s a chance for newer acts to play in front of different crowds and get their name out there. But if you needed any further reason to get down early, this line up offered it up in bucketloads.

First up, an absolute killer set from Priestgate. Making a quantum leap into seemingly everyone’s ‘best new bands’ lists (and rightly so), it feels like lockdown has given them an opportunity to tighten up everything to bursting point, the inevitable implosion of which results in some off the scale tunes and a performance to match. Love that feeling of finding something special and wanting to see and hear more – don’t miss them if they’re playing anywhere near you.

A change of pace and tailoring as Youth Sector picked up the middle slot. With their riffs as slick as their suits, they didn’t put a foot wrong as they treated the crowd to their zippy brand of art rock. It was certainly shaping up to be quite a night.

Finally, the return of The Ninth Wave, the packed crowd delighted to see them back on stage. From the almost tribal  Happy Days to the beauty and melancholy of Piece and Pound Coins, it’s clear that it’s not just the old songs but the new songs too that are firm favourites with the crowd. While there’s always a theatricality about their shows, the band also look like they’re enjoying what they do and it’s fair to say that everyone else in the room is of the same frame of mind. The Ninth Wave keep going from strength to strength, it will be intriguing to see what comes next.

The Ninth Wave | Youth Sector | Priestgate

Words and photos by Siobhan

12th October 2021

Live – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis at Royal Albert Hall

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Royal Albert Hall London, 6th October 2021

From the mayhem of The Birthday Party to the wonder of The Bad Seeds, through collaborations with PJ Harvey and Kylie amongst numerous others, Nick Cave has emerged as one of the most outstanding performers you will have the privilege of seeing live. Captivating, intense and funny by parts, it’s hard to think who could accompany him and still manage at times to steal the show, until of course you consider Warren Ellis. Accomplished in playing an assemblage of instruments, and with a wonderful sense of both humour and theatricality, Ellis is the perfect partner in crime and the pair delighted fans by recording and releasing Carnage during lockdown, their music the perfect escape from the harsh reality of the pandemic.

Taking the album on tour, with an eclectic mix of songs from different eras added for good measure, their production is simple but slick and holds the attention of the audience from start to double encored finish. The setting of Royal Albert Hall provides a suitably dramatic and elegant backdrop for the music and, despite its size, Cave executes that magic trick of his that makes it feel like the smallest, most intimate of settings for everyone.

Music to heal the soul, a fantastic venue, a night to be remembered.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

Words and photos by Siobhan

8th October 2021


Live – The Wendy James Band at Patterns Brighton

The Wendy James Band, Patterns Brighton, 30th September 2021

Shooting to fame in the mid 80s with Transvision Vamp, who’d have thought that Wendy James would have the crowd eating out of her hand all these years later? After multiple postponements due to lockdown restrictions, the band finally managed to get out on the road, last night stopping off in a very wet and windy Brighton.

Starting strongly with You’re So Great, Wendy explained that everything had kicked off for her musically in Brighton, and the first of many stories evoking memories of people and places from the past ensued, culminating in an impromptu jam of Suicide’s Ghost Rider.

I saw Tom Jones, the famous name-dropper, in Brighton the other week and, to be honest, I’m not sure his stories were as good. When your anecdote book is littered with appearances from the likes of The Stooges, Bowie and Kurt Cobain, there are bound to be some good tales to tell.

But really everyone was here for the music, and they weren’t disappointed. The band were faultless and a shout out to the sound team at Patterns was well deserved.

Standout track from Queen High Straight was the beautiful Marlene et Fleur, amidst a set filled with fan favourites including I Want Your Love and Baby I Don’t Care. At the close of the set Wendy noted that it had been a great night and that she was really happy. Judging from the crowd’s reaction and the queues to meet and greet at the merch stand, she wasn’t on her own with that feeling.

There are a couple of dates left on the tour; if you’re up for a singalong get yourself along to O2 Academy Islington tonight or The Parish in Huddersfield tomorrow, full details here.

Words and photos by Siobhan

1st October 2021



Live – Ash | Indoor Pets at The Wedgewood Rooms

Ash & Indoor Pets, The Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, 16th September 2021

Originally scheduled to take place at the Portsmouth Pyramids back in March 2020 (literally two days after the country went into lockdown 1.0), tonight’s show is the second of a two-date residency taking place at the revamped Wedgewood Rooms. After several attempts at rescheduling these shows, we’re finally able to celebrate Ash’s long-delayed tour in support of their recent compilation, Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years of Ash – a career spanning best of that showcases the band’s hits and more. But was it worth the wait?

First up we have Indoor Pets, a spiky four piece from Kent. Having not heard them before, I checked out a few tracks from their recent album Be Content, and I wasn’t overly impressed. However, they are a totally different experience live. Indoor Pets are a band that have plenty of good songs at their disposal that showcase a knack for writing a decent pop hook, but when experienced live, the band’s songs are played with a heavier sense of urgency transforming them into something completely different. Something weirder and much more engaging than on record, so be sure to check them out if they’re playing a town near you soon.

So now for the main event. Three things become apparent to my eye throughout Ash’s set. One, bassist Mark Hamilton doesn’t look a day older than when I first saw them at this venue back in 1997. Two, frontman Tim Wheeler is incapable of not smiling (he clearly loves his job, which is great to see after such a long career) and three, drummer Rick McMurray has the best posture of any drummer I have ever seen. Aside from these observations though there’s not much else happening on stage, so it’s up to the tunes to do the talking tonight.

Ash kick things off with a fine version of Goldfinger, a song dripping with nostalgia and one that helps transport the room back to a time when we didn’t have to worry about deadly viruses and a never-ending sense of doom. The band then launch into another one of their undeniable gems Oh Yeah, and from there it’s just hit after hit really.

Orpheus – a single from 2004 album Meltdown that begins with the line, ‘Yeah, that summer I did nothing’ – feels oddly topical considering current events. It also has one of the most infectious choruses the band have penned to date. It’s then time for the lesser known but yet still decent enough later singles to shine. Here the set drags somewhat, but it doesn’t take long before we’re back into full-on banger territory.

We have A Life Less Ordinary, which is dedicated to a friend of the band who has recently gotten engaged (aww), followed by Petrol, Lose Control (including the TIE Fighter sample that will always take me back to the time I first heard 1977 on cassette as I waited in my parents’ car whilst they went food shopping) concluding with an extended version of fan favourite Kung Fu before the break.

We’re then treated to a cover of The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks followed swiftly by arguably the band’s most loved song Girl from Mars. Things come to a satisfying end with Burn Baby Burn (a song that I think does miss the addition of a second guitarist) and as the lights stay low, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life plays over the PA. Rick treats the crowd to a little dance before the band wave goodbye, and we leave with smiles that could almost rival Tim’s.

So, was it worth the wait? Oh yeah.

Words by Ryan Howarth
Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

Ash | Indoor Pets

26th September 2021

Psyched Fest 2021

Psyched Fest, Albert Road Southsea, 18th September 2021

It’s a big deal for a small festival to have to postpone but Psyched Fest came back with a bang on Saturday, showcasing a wonderfully diverse selection of artists at The Wedgewood Rooms, Edge of the Wedge and Lord John Russell on Southsea’s Albert Road.

It seems like recent Alcopop! signings Keg stole the show for many, the majority of those I spoke to on the day citing it as their favourite set.

Other stand outs at The Wedge/Edge were Nuha Ruby Ra, Baba Ali and, as could be expected, the unstoppable bounce of PVA.

Along the road, Lord John Russell had an eclectic mix on the line up, including strong sets from Fast Trains, Dad Hair and Platypus Complex pictured below.

Psyched Fest has always been a great place to discover emerging artists and catch up with some favourites you’ve see before – having seen virtually no-one for 18 months, this was especially welcome this year. Just some of my highlights in this area came from Ghost Car, The Early Mornings, Barbudo, English Teacher, Web and Modern Woman.

Sadly, this was the last scheduled Psyched Fest, however Nicki and all those involved can be rightly proud of what it achieved and the legacy it leaves behind. Signing out with Billy Nomates on the main stage is no bad way to go.

Psyched Fest 2021 was presented in conjunction with Strong Island Recordings, Honeymooner Records, Mix It All Up, Calamity Cratediggers and Missing Promotions, with visuals by Innerstrings.

Words and photos by Siobhan

20th September 2021



Live – Hallan | Public Body | Safety Jacket at The Hope & Ruin

Hallan, Public Body & Safety Jacket at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 10th September 2021

Blending post-punk spoken word with infectious tunes and a splash of dry social commentary, Hallan are deservedly making a name for themselves and standing out against the glut of new young bands emerging in a similar genre.

Friday’s Brighton gig showcased their ability to transfer this to an accomplished live performance full of fitful swagger and with a big response from the crowd. The future’s looking bright for the four piece, catch them if you can.

Gallery from The Hope & Ruin below – Hallan with local support from Safety Jacket and Public Body.

Safety Jacket

Public Body


Words and photos by Siobhan

13th September 2021

Book Club – Beans on Toast: Foolhardy Folk Tales

Beans on Toast – Foolhardy Folk Tales

The Collins Dictionary defines a folk tale as “a story, usually of anonymous authorship and containing legendary elements, made and handed down orally among the common people”.

Well, the authorship here is noted but otherwise this feels like a fair description of the new book by Beans on Toast. The stories do indeed contain legendary elements; I read this at the weekend and snippets from it are still making me chuckle at random moments. And I’ve already passed bits on by way of recommendation, though whether the recipients would fall into the category of ‘the common people’ is not for me to say.

The opening chapter, The Great Tesco Robbery is a book all of its own, and later tales of The Blag and Messing With Texas are at times both uproarious and incredulous. No spoilers here though about which might be fact or fabrication, only to say that truth is sometimes weirder than fiction.

Throughout the book, we’re introduced to a series of larger than life characters. There’s Foz, a tour bus driver of sorts (the terms ‘tour bus’ and ‘driver’ being used loosely in both cases) with an aversion to eating and sleeping. Then we meet The Coin Man, selling cigarettes at an impossible profit before disappearing into the London night air. And not least Beans himself, making adventures and folklore of his own, sharing his stories and love of music, his diversion into the world of art, and finally the realities of surviving lockdown.

For a blast of nostalgia for the past, and a reflection of the last couple of years when the world shut down without warning, this is an excellent read that’s sure to leave you with a smile on your face. 

Foolhardy Folk Tales is out now via Play on Words Publishing; you can grab a copy and catch up with Beans on Toast here

Review by Siobhan
Photos via Sonic PR

26th August 2021

Live – The Cribs at Pryzm Kingston

The Cribs at Pryzm, Kingston for Banquet Records, 18th August 2021

After a run of postponed dates at the end of last year, The Cribs announced that their show at Pryzm in Kingston, an out-store performance for Banquet Records, would go ahead on Wednesday. Seeing the band return on top form felt like a proper return for live music, and a set containing songs old and new made for a very happy crowd. Kudos goes to all at Banquet and Pryzm, and those attending, for making this feel like a safe place to be, with pre-testing and lots of mutual respect on the night.

New music from The Cribs is always a treat and, for those wanting a regular fix, you can subscribe to the Sonic Blew Singles Club here for a series of 7″ releases. Check out our gallery from Wednesday night below.

Words and photos by Siobhan

20th August 2021

EP Review – Premium Leisure: Easy FM

Premium Leisure – Easy FM

Following the release of a couple of impressive and insanely catchy singles, Premium Leisure (aka Chris Barker) released his EP, Easy FM, yesterday alongside new single The Opener.

With a clear penchant for an infectious tune and a welcome lilt of the Marc Bolans about his vocal, the EP is a lovely amalgamation of alacrity and relaxation.

We covered lead track Remedies on its release, describing it as ‘a psych infused indie-pop tune that momentarily takes away the troubles of the world’. That still feels like a fair description and, given the extent of the troubles of the world right now, that’s saying something.

Ready For Forever picks up the hazy reins and runs faultlessly into the slightly more experimental title track, Easy FM.

Without a hint of irony, The Opener is the closing track on the EP, the refrain of ‘I hope you had a good time’ surely asking a rhetorical question of anyone listening – of course we had a good time, with four tracks radiating joyful summer- fuelled vibes, how could we not?

Easy FM is the inaugural EP and physical release through Plum Cuts; a new record label based in South London. You can order a vinyl or digital copy here. If you’re quick you might be able to grab one of a highly limited run of dub-plate vinyl, with hand-stamped and numbered craft cardboard sleeves … what are you waiting for?

Catch up with Premium Leisure here

Review by Siobhan
Photo © Ash Cooke

12th August 2021


New Music – Glows | Zuzu | S Raekwon | Reb Fountain

New releases – Glows, Zuzu, S Raekwon, Reb Fountain

Glows – Tropic

Glows is the audio visual project of GG Skips and Felix Bayley Higgins; their new single Tropic features Asha Lorenz from Sorry.

It feels like it tells several stories within its short framework, beginning with a darkened 80s’ synth beat, and running through an industrial soundscape that lifts and drops as it progresses.

Captivating and cinematic, watch the video below.



Zuzu – My Old Life

Making a name for herself on numerous ‘ones to watch’ lists, Zuzu manages to mix pure indie pop with a tinge of country in new single My Old Life. It’s an accomplished track that bodes well for her recently announced debut album Queensway Tunnel, due for release on 12th November.

A tour is scheduled for December – this may be a good time to catch Zuzu before she inevitably moves up to much bigger venues. 



S Raekwon – Darling

NYC singer-songwriter S Raekwon shares Darling from his upcoming debut album Where I’m At Now, out on 8th October. A simply soulful track, it feels both reflective and positive; music to relax and drift away to as the summer closes in.

Check out the video below and keep an ear out for what comes next.

S Raekwon


Reb Fountain – Lacuna

Another strong offering from New Zealand folk artist Reb Fountain, Lacuna is skilfully executed and pleasantly haunting. Her vocal is warm and wide ranging, the music by no means taking a back seat.

Lacuna is taken from new album Iris, due out on 1st October – one to keep on your radar.

Reb Fountain


Words by Siobhan

Photos: Glows © Stanley Brock via Practise Music, Zuzu © Robin Clewley via Prescription PR, S Raekwon © Daniel Dorsa via One Beat PR, Reb Fountain © Marissa Findlay via Silver PR

10th August 2021


New Music – Goat | The Sound of Modesty | Frauds | moa moa

New releases – Goat, Modesty, Frauds, moa moa

Goat – Queen of the Underground 

Making masks a fashion statement way before the pandemic, Goat have long since stood out from the crowd with their unique blend of psychedelic dance music and performance. Their pending album, Headsoup, is due out on 27th August via Rocket Recordings, combining tracks from the band’s eclectic career and some brand new additions. Ahead of its release, Goat have shared new track Queen of the Underground, another fireball of a tune to keep the goat-herds from the door. Take a listen below; you can pre-order Headsoup here.



The Sound of Modesty – A Perfect Blue II

One from a pool of great Leeds based artists, The Sound of Modesty (aka singer-songwriter Yvonne Han) brings subtly edgy indie-pop to the table with new single A Perfect Blue II. Citing artists ranging from Bjork to T.a.T.u. as influences, her vocal is playfully operatic, giving the song a sense of emotion and purpose. Listen below.

The Sound of Modesty


Frauds – Ships

Recent Alcopop! signings Frauds have released Ships, the third excellent single from their upcoming album Long Spoons. Heavy riffs and a tongue in cheek smattering of humour make the track as ‘catchy, catchy, catchy’ as the nets they reference on the side of their fictional vessel. Look out for tour dates later in the year; the album will be coming your way on 1st October.



moa moa – Coltan Candy

Last but by no means least, we have the pleasure of another special release from the Speedy Wunderground camp. Joining an already impressive list of participants is London based alt-pop 5 piece outfit moa moa. The track, Coltan Candy, immediately catches your ear then takes it through an immersive multi-genre musical journey. The digital version is out now and, as always, there will be a limited 7″ run of 250 copies – release date for these is 10th September – enjoy.

moa moa


Words by Siobhan
Photos: Goat © Andreas Johansson via Silver PR, The Sound of Modesty © Sophie Jouvenaar, Frauds via Wall of Sound PR, moa moa © Beatriz Sá (state51) via Practise Music PR

6th July 2021

Live – BlitZ at The Old Wine Vaults

BlitZ at The Old Wine Vaults, Eastwood, 19th June 2021

BlitZing the House Down

It seemed like forever, yet no time at all, as Nottingham rockers, BlitZ re-ignited audience passion at The Old Wine Vaults, Eastwood last Saturday.

Frontman, Stuart Corden, warmed up the ears of those who had been missing live sounds for so long,  with an acoustic covers set before the main event.

Within the first few bars of their opening number, Damage, The Spirit of the BlitZ was back & regular band fans and new audience members alike were riding high on a set list of great classic rock tunes from the band’s first two albums.

BlitZ are an extraordinarily exciting band to see live, reminiscent of the big rockers of the 70s/80s. You can catch them next in Nottingham at The Old Salutation Inn on August 1st, with guests: Blues Rockers, Yesterday’s Gone from Chesterfield and, as part of their first ever tour of England,  young Sleaze/Glam rockers from the Highlands of Scotland,  Bad Actress. Tickets are available here.

Catch up with BlitZ here

Words and photos by Tina Sherwood

We’re delighted to welcome Tina to the Breaking Glass photography team and look forward to featuring more of her stunning images as live music continues to open up; do check out the rest of her work too.

21st June 2021

New Music – Red Ribbon | Fast Trains | Krush Puppies | Helvetia

New releases / videos – Red Ribbon, Fast Trains, Krush Puppies, Helvetia

Red Ribbon – Planet X  (single)

Out last week on Danger Collective Records, Planet X, the new album from Red Ribbon (aka Emma Danner) charts a journey through a Californian wildfire and looks for hope among the fragility of the world we live in.

Musically, there are hints of St Vincent with a Twin Peaks twang in the background. The album sways its way through emotions and moods, latest single and title track Planet X a fine showpiece for the overall collection, listen below. The album is available now.

Red Ribbon


Fast Trains – On Being Poor (single)

The latest single from Fast Trains once again manages to bring something new to the table. On Being Poor grabs 80’s electro by the scruff of the neck and allows it space to grow up and mellow a little to meet its potential. Its undercurrent is reminiscent of A Flock of Seagulls’ I Ran, though there are thankfully no signs of the winged hairdo that slightly overshadowed the music back then.

The EP, ourWorld Volume 1, from which this is taken, is a cleverly formed combination of music and art, the visuals a key aspect of the overall project. Jump on board, there’s no wrong side of the tracks with Fast Trains. Music available on the website link below.

Fast Trains


Krush Puppies – Slay the Dragon (video)

We covered the release of Slay the Dragon on its release a few weeks back. It’s a great track full of shadowy psych and medieval musings. Just giving it another shout out as there’s now a video to match and it may just be the distraction you’re looking for – watch here, Bandcamp link below..

Krush Puppies


Helvetia – Does It Go Backwards (video)

Another newly released video for your pleasure, this time from Helvetia, the solo project of Jason Albertini. Don’t be surprised by the dreamlike elements of the track and video – the visuals are based on a recurring dream where a ghost is responsible for a series of odd events and Jason wakes up believing that he is a ghost too. My lockdown dreams have largely been situated in the supermarket but really, the ensuing video from those wouldn’t be close to as intriguing as this one. Lovely soft, hazy vocals and soundscapes too.

Album Essential Aliens is out on 25th June via Joyful Noise, pre-order on link below.



Words by Siobhan

14th June 2021