New Music – Tungz

Tungz – One Night

Released yesterday, Tungz’ latest single One Night creates a dreamy wave of spikey, guitar-riffed nostalgia, complete with a cleverly shot video that begs to be watched to the end. Think alt-pop meets the echoes of CHIC on the way home from a club on a balmy evening, and you’re some way to reaching the sound of Tungz – it’s an experience to savour and bodes well for debut album, A Good Dream, available tomorrow via Heist or Hit.

Tungz’ Nicky says of the track: “Life was very still and I was dreaming of a new beginning or just anything exciting to inspire me and carry me away. Being just on the tails of a dream and never quite reaching it is what keeps me going so that’s what came through in the lyrics. Told through one of those old romantic running away from everything leaving it all behind kind of tales.”

A few UK dates coming up to watch out for if you’re nearby (or fancy jumping on the Eurostar) in Manchester, Bristol, Paris and London, check out the video for One Night below.


Review by Siobhan

16th February 2023