Live – THEIA at Rock City Nottingham

THEIA at Rock City, Nottingham, 14th September 2022
(Supporting Magnum)

Brothers… who’d have them! An easy question for Kyle and Ash Lamley, the fraternal duo who make up the incredible multi-genre combo, THEIA.

I caught up with the guys backstage at Rock City before they took the stage on the 3rd date of their tour supporting mighty Hard Rock icons, MAGNUM on their 50th anniversary tour.

Prior to my visit, I’d been listening to the young band’s catalogue and could only question how the duo secured such a prestigious support? Elder brother, singer Kyle, explained that Magnum keyboard wizard, Rick Benton, had been a college inspiration and the personal connection was made there.

The brothers are chatty, relaxed and very funny. If you get to meet them, ask how Kyle, being an official Teletubby, met the love of his life! They’re great storytellers, which translates into well-crafted and often introspective lyrics of their songs.

Outside Rock City the queue of Magnum fans began early and I couldn’t help but wonder how these hardcore rockers would receive this young band!

As the Lamley brothers took to the stage, their clever use of theatrics engaged their audience instantly, before even striking a note! Kyle announced the band’s arrival with a large placard emblazoned ‘APPLAUSE’, followed by a quick flip to reverse, ‘MANIC SCREAM,’ the crowd dutifully followed. Behind the drum kit, younger brother, Ash, adorned an enormous pair of inflatable hands to add extra fun and warmth to their unusual introduction.

With the audience already on their side, THEIA opened with Fire, establishing the tone for the remainder of the set with strong beats, brave lyrics and infectious energy. This was followed by fan favourite, Blue Heart.

As the crowd swelled in number, following a perfect rendition of the emotional There’s A Boy , telling the story of Kyle’s growing up with Type-1 Diabetes, Ash emerged from behind the drum kit to re-ignite the room by leading a dynamic, fun t-shirt give-away .

The set concluded with a great singalong, HooWoo; the entire crowd by this time having quadrupled in size joining in as one!

For a novice THEIA gig goer, this was a young band’s masterclass in how to win fans and influence them!

Good luck THEIA; based on that performance, your future is assured!


Words and photos by Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography

16th September 2022