Live – VLURE at The Moth Club London

VLURE at The Moth Club, London, 9th September 2022

And so it builds – new songs like blankets you can wrap yourself in, a growing fanbase travelling far from home, a sense of expectation that is never disappointed – the rise of VLURE isn’t stopping any time soon.

Never Heard of Ya’s combined 3rd birthday and farewell party filled The Moth Club on Friday night, and there’s little doubt about who stole the show. Every VLURE set feels like a privilege to witness, something you’ll never regret making the journey for. And catching familiar faces in the crowd is becoming a regular thing too, a strong sense of being in on an increasingly less well kept secret.

With the stage ferocity of The Snakeheads, the pulsing tempo of heavy dance beats and the propulsion of all that was good about 80s’ electronica, if you’ve not caught this band live yet then don’t sleep on it for too much longer… but be nice and save us a space at the front.


Words and photos by Siobhan

12th September 2022