Live – The Cribs at Pryzm Kingston

The Cribs at Pryzm Kingston for Banquet Records, 31st July 2022

The Cribs have a diehard fanbase, always there to party and equally happy to hear the new tunes as the old ones. This week though has been all about the old ones, as the Wakefield trio released special edition versions of their first three albums.

And to add the icing to the cake, some live shows to take everyone down memory lane. A show to play through each of the albums, The Cribs, The New Fellas and Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. The twist? All three on the same day, one after another. Sunday was the turn of Banquet Records, utilising Pryzm down the road for their out-stores.

Almost off to a shaky start with a broken down van, happily none of us knew how close things were to being cancelled, and the opportunity was there for those in the right bit of the queue inside to watch the Lionesses kick off on time instead. But inevitably worth the wait, The Cribs never disappoint live, not once, not twice, not three times.

A day to remember and a chance to relive the early days – all three records are currently and deservedly sitting comfortably in the UK chart top 10. What can you say? Brilliant albums, brilliant shows, whatever…

Words and photos by Siobhan

2nd August 2022