New Music – Eerie Wanda

Eerie Wanda – Long Time

Paving the way for her new album Internal Radio; Eerie Wanda (aka Dutch/Croatian musician Marina Tadic) has shared her latest single Long Time.

With haunting vocals and a touch of Lynchian quirkiness, the track saunters into the room with the quiet confidence of an artist who understands that the subtle nuances in their music can have a bigger impact than a full on cacophony of noise. Less is more, if you will.

Marina describes Long Time as reflecting the “longing to belong, but also letting go of the past, and the growth that comes from that”.

It’s a song that works its way into your psyche, one to hold in your subconscious. The album teasers so far suggest that we’re in for an artful treat on its release next month. Internal Radio is available digitally and on CD on 23rd September, with a vinyl release to follow in November via the aptly named Joyful Noise Recordings.

Words by Siobhan
Photo by Anna Tadic

5th August 2022