In Focus with Sofia Savino

It’s always a pleasure to see new photographers joining the music circuit – in today’s feature, Sofia Savino recounts her love of photography and talks us through some of her favourite shots so far…

My name is Sofia Savino and I am a professional traveling photographer all over the North East Coast of the US. 

My passion for taking pictures has followed me my whole life. In my time of self-discovery, I have always found myself returning to a love of photography: documenting my life from intimate moments to noisy concert venues.

It wasn’t until August 2022 that I really picked up my first Nikon DSLR and got the courage to venture into concert photography. It’s been a thrilling journey at lightspeed but after months of focus I was able to build a reputation and become a contributor for publications like Ascribe Magazine.

My creativity is always sparked by creative lighting and capturing motion in unconventional ways. I adore playing with light and color to create visually engaging shots. I work primarily with local DIY bands in the Philadelphia and Newark scene.

My first ever shot that I was really proud of was at my first concert shoot for Plead The Widow’s Cause where I was messing with long exposure on shutter priority.

Since then, I’ve fallen in love with unconventional techniques and double exposures and really doing anything to get an inventive shot.

I look forward to only learning more and growing into my own personal style of photography in the future. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to create and contribute to the community of music I adore.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about me! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or check out my full portfolio.

I would love to work with more artists in the future so if you like what you see and you’re interested in a shoot just send me an email at

Thanks for taking the time to follow along; I am so very thankful for all those who have supported me on this journey! Now is the time to just keep moving forward…

Words and photos © Sofia Savino

22nd November 2022

Exhibition – Chris Killip, Retrospective (The Photographers Gallery)

Exhibition, The Photographers Gallery London, 7th October 2022 – 19th February 2023
Chris Killip, Retrospective

Header image: Youth on Wall, Jarrow, Tyneside 1975
© Chris Killip Photography Trust, all images courtesy Martin Parr Foundation 

Chris Killip was born on the Isle of Man but was best known for his monochrome documentary photography of the people of Tyneside. Amongst numerous subject matters, his depiction of young people and culture captured moments in time that almost smell of nostalgia. A sad loss to the photography world, Killip died in 2020, leaving behind a huge collection of poignant images.

Bever, Skinningrove, N Yorkshire 1983
© Chris Killip Photography Trust, all images courtesy Martin Parr Foundation 

Currently underway at The Photographers Gallery, a celebration of some of his work is on display until February next year. Details from their website below.

‘Chris Killip’s continued efforts to value and document the lives of those affected by the economic shifts in the North of England, throughout the 1970s and 80s, have made him one of the most influential figures of British Photography. 

This retrospective exhibition of more than 140 works serves as the most comprehensive survey of the photographer’s work to date and includes previously unseen works.

Left: Father and son watching a parade, West End of Newcastle 1980   
Right: The Station, Gateshead 1985   
Both © Chris Killip Photography Trust, all images courtesy Martin Parr Foundation

His sustained immersion into the communities he photographed remains without parallel. Whilst marking a moment of deindustrialisation, Killip’s stark yet tender observation moves beyond the urgency to record such circumstances, to affirm the value of lives he grew close to – lives that, as he once described ‘had history done to them’, who felt history’s malicious disregard and yet, like the photographer himself, refused to yield or look away.

Against a background of shipbuilding and coal mining, he witnessed the togetherness of communities and the industries that sustained them and stayed long enough to see their loss’.

Chris Killip, retrospective is co-curated by Tracy Marshall Grant and Ken Grant. Exhibition supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin.

Helen and her Hula-hoop, Seacoal Camp, Lynemouth, Northumbria 1984
© Chris Killip Photography Trust, all images courtesy Martin Parr Foundation 

Information and images above are from The Photographers Gallery website where you can find further details; we always recommend checking the site for any updates before visiting.

The Photographers Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW – please check the website for opening times, admission prices and other events.

3rd November 2022

Photo Gallery – Festivals

“Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings, and the friends that turned into family” – Anon

A full year of festivals was just what the doctor ordered. While there will be no shortage of autumn/winter events still to come, now that the big summer dates are over we thought we’d take a look at some of your favourite festival shots and relive some of those happy moments…

Header photo by Stephen Flynn; details in article


Sunset Memories at Indietracks

Splendour Festival

By Nigel King Photography – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Nile Rodgers at Belladrum Tartan Heart

Chris ‘Kingfisher’ Ingram at Belladrum Tartan Heart

By Alan Cruickshank – Flickr


Kamikaze Millionaires at Glastonselfy – this event is held every year in memory of a young woman who died due to cancer, held in Crosskeys rugby field in Gwent

The Commitments taking in Ollifest in Ross on Wye

By Delwyn Edwards Photography – Website | Instagram


‘And the award for biggest crowd of the day goes to…’
Buzzcocks, 10,000 people, R-Fest, Blackpool

Buzzcocks, backstage at R-Fest

By Steve White – Instagram | Twitter


Dylan at Latitude Festival

Priestgate at Latitude Festival

By Andy Gardener – Instagram | Twitter


London Grammar at South Facing Festival

By Joshua Russell – Instagram


Archy & the Astronauts at Call of the Wild Festival

Badness at Whitwell Festival of Music

By Tina Sherwood at All The Ts Photography – Instagram


HENGE at Fusion Festival, Germany

By Ingrid Turner – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Spector at 110 Above Festival

The Pigeon Detectives at Camper Calling

By Phil Drury at 2324 Photography – Website | Instagram


Tatiana Shmailyuk at Bloodstock

Dimmu Borgir at Bloodstock

By Clare Ratcliffe – Instagram | Facebook


Kelly Jones of Stereophonics at Victorious Festival

Tim Booth of James, crowd-surfing at Victorious Festival

By Stephen Flynn at Live Music Snaps – Instagram


I’m Tired Now – Self Esteem at Victorious Festival

In the Moment – All Points East

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed to the gallery, and to everyone involved in the festival industry – it’s great to have you back. You can check out more from those featured on the links shown above.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

28th September 2022


Exhibition – How To Win At Photography (The Photographers Gallery)

Exhibition, The Photographers Gallery London, 24th June – 25th September 2022
How to Win at Photography: Image-Making as Play

Header images: Left – Belly Button, 2018, Centre – Julia’s Twitter 2, 2016, Right – Julia’s Twitter 1, 2016, all images © Yuyi John

‘Follow the rule of thirds, catch the decisive moment,
Master the shutter speed, play against the camera,
Collect likes and followers, challenge everything,
Fight the apparatus, win the game…

How to Win at Photography: Image-Making as Play is a new multimedia exhibition exploring the relationships between photography, image-making and play.  It invites audiences to focus on the playful aspects of visual culture, and creates unexpected connections between the history of photography and the practices of image-making within computer games and wider digital screen culture.

Featuring over 30 international artists and a rich assemblage of multimedia artworks and vernacular images representing a variety of positions across contemporary and twentieth century photography, How to Win at Photography questions the very meaning and function of photography today…

How to Win at Photography: Image-Making as Play is an open invitation to rethink photography through the act of playing with – and breaking – the rules of the game and to consider who is playing who.  It challenges visitors to consider such questions as:  Are we playing with the camera or is the camera playing us? What is our role within the system of photography? Are we mere pawns in a larger social and cultural network? What can a playful photographer realistically achieve? And, ultimately who can ‘win’ this game?’

Information and images above are from The Photographers Gallery website where you can find further details; we always recommend checking the site for any updates before visiting.

The Photographers Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW – please check the website for opening times and admission prices.

There are lots more exciting exhibitions and events happening there – do check them out too!

27th July 2022

Photo Gallery – Spring & Summer

Longer days, sunshine (sometimes), trips to the beach and outdoor celebrations – check out our gallery of images that capture spring and summer through the different lenses of our collective of photographers…

Header photo by Gary M Hough; details in article



By Hannah Mesquitta – Instagram | Twitter



By Charlie Smith – Twitter


Phoenix, Arizona

Giant Argentine Cactus

Dog Days occur on Sundays in March and April at Desert Botanical Garden where people can bring their dogs for a walk through the garden

By Jennifer Mullins Photography – Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Hastings Pier on top –  Updated Beach Huts

Hastings Pier looking down – decaying pier supports with seagulls enjoying the view

By Petra Eujane Photography – Website | Instagram


Lone Hiker

The Valley, Eastling

By Derek Rickman – Instagram | Twitter


Cricket with my hero Stuart Broad

The Nottingham Caribbean Carnival

By Nigel King Photography – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Shades of Yellow

By Becky Jones – Twitter


Bournemouth Pier

Blackpool Tower from below Central Pier

By Gary M Hough – Website | Instagram


Nap in the Sun

Ice Cream Van

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed, it’s always a real pleasure to put these galleries together. Do go and check out more fantastic pictures from each of our photographers on the links shown.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

31st May 2022

Exhibition – Robert Blomfield: Student of Light (University of Edinburgh)

Exhibition, University of Edinburgh Main Library, 6th May – 1st October 2022
Robert Blomfield: Student of Light

Header image – Forth Road Bridge, through telescope, 1965 © Estate of Robert Blomfield

The beauty of street photography unfolds over time as it unerringly becomes a documentation of social history. Capturing lifestyles, fashions and general day to day living, a picture can give so much more detail than a textbook, and this newly curated exhibition does just that. Details from the press release below.

‘Spellbinding images that capture a city in the midst of momentous change are to be exhibited for the first time. Scenes of Edinburgh in the 1950s and 60s, taken by acclaimed street photographer Robert Blomfield, will go on display at the university where he studied and honed his artistic talent.

Robert Blomfield: Student of Light will be the first presentation of the late photographer’s work since a blockbuster show at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre four years ago. Blomfield was completely unknown prior to the 2018 show, but the beauty and significance of his work immediately struck chords. Now an exhibition at the University of Edinburgh – the first to feature his colour photography – looks set to enhance his blossoming reputation.

© Estate of Robert Blomfield

The show, in the university’s Main Library, will have a particular focus on Blomfield’s time as a student. The exhibition also showcases some of Blomfield’s camera equipment, including lenses, enlargers, filters and an astronomical telescope used to achieve far depths of field.

Blomfield came to Edinburgh to study medicine in 1956 and found himself in a city full of light and shadow, and a university bursting with post-war enthusiasm and vigour. He took a camera with him almost everywhere, even into class, producing shots of lectures, labs and student life that are unique in their access and their composition’.

Robert Blomfield: Student of Light will be on display at the University of Edinburgh from 6th May until 1st October 2022

Main Library, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ
Opening times: Mon – Sat 10 – 4 

Photos and details above reproduced with permission from the University of Edinburgh’s press office.

11th May 2022

Exhibition – For The Record: Photography & the Art of the Album Cover (The Photographers’ Gallery)

Exhibition, The Photographers’ Gallery, 8th April – 12th June 2022
For the Record: Photography & the Art of the Album Cover 

Header image – Vinyl: Miles Davis, Tutu, Warner Bros Records – 1-25490, United States 1986. Photography: Irving Penn. Design: Eiko Ishioka.

When CDs began to nudge records off shop shelves in the 90s, something that was sadly missed by collectors was the opportunity to own cover artwork worthy of display and conversation. Singles were for fun but albums, with seemingly endless possibilities around double albums, gatefold sleeves, embossing and lyric sheets, held the potential to be serious pieces of art.

A new exhibition opening at The Photographers’ Gallery in London on Friday celebrates the album cover as an art form, curated and presented in collaboration with collector and exhibition originator, Antoine de Beaupré, whose extensive and impressive collection form the basis of the display.

Left – Vinyl: Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, Swang Song – SSK 89400, England 1975. Photography: Elliott Erwitt. Design: AGI / Mike Doud / Peter Corriston.

Right – Vinyl: Prince, Lovesexy, Paisley Park – 9 25720-1, United States, 1988. Photography: Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Design: Laura LiPuma.

Vinyl: Grace Jones, Island Life, Island Records – 207 472, France 1985. Photography: Jean-Paul Goude. Design: Greg Porto.

Showcasing the talent of photographers and artists including  famous names such as David Bailey, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Helen Levitt and Cindy Sherman, the exhibition takes us on a journey through the changes to music and art through the years. There will be covers you recognise, maybe some you own, and certainly some that bring new stories to the table.

Left – Vinyl: Serge Gainsbourg, Love on the Beat, Philips – 822 849-1, France 1984. Photography: William Klein.

Right – Vinyl: Everything but the Girl, Before Today, Virgin – VST 1624, England 1997. Photography: Jürgen Teller. Design: Form / EBGT.

Details from the press release:

For the Record brings together over 200 album covers, highlighting the central role photography plays in defining artists and bands, and showcasing some of the most iconic album covers of our times. While many of the artistes on the covers will be instantly recognisable, the exhibition illuminates the often overlooked and multifaceted contributions of photographers and other visual artists to the identity of the ‘stars’ and the labels themselves.

For the Record: Photography & the Art of the Album Cover will be on display at The Photographers’ Gallery, London from 8th April until 12th June 2022.

The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW (nearest tube Oxford Circus)

Usual opening hours are as follows – please check the website for news, admission charges and concessions before visiting, tickets may be booked in advance:

Monday (& Bank Holidays): Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00
Thursday – Friday (Lates): 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 18.00

All images and exhibition details are reproduced with permission from The Photographers’ Gallery.

Words excluding press release by Siobhan

6th April 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022

International Women’s Day calls for all of us to
– Celebrate women’s achievement
– Raise awareness against bias
– Take action for equality

For this year’s IWD, we’ve gathered together photos of inspirational women taken by amazing women photographers; we hope you’ll enjoy looking through the images and check out more of everyone’s work.

Today’s feature is dedicated to Jennifer’s mom, Fran.
(header photo and below)


Jennifer Mullins 

Photographer, Phoenix

This is a photo I took of my mom, who died on January 23, 2022, from a once-in-a-lifetime trip that we took to Hawaii in July 2015. I always loved photographing her when she didn’t know I was doing it. I would often catch her in a reflective pose. I have this photo hanging on my wall. It’s been a sad time, but I feel this is a way to honor her.

Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Cath Dupuy

I’m Cath Dupuy, a music photographer from SE London. I didn’t start shooting music until well into my 50s, though been going to gigs since I was 15! It’s good to see more women in the pit now, even if I am the oldest.

Grace Jones

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Gosia at Nettlespie Photography

My name is Gosia aka Nettlespie Photography, originally Polish, based in the north west. Music photography is my absolute love and catching a glimpse of the artist’s energy and the feel of the moment is what it’s all about for me!

Lowes at Reading & Leeds Festival



Samantha Quinn Photography

Photographer, Northern Ireland 

I’m Samantha, a wedding photographer who used to specialise in gig photography!

Kelli & Rachel had the most beautiful intimate day in a gorgeous Georgian house during the first Covid lockdown. They knocked it out of the park!

I had the privilege of capturing this absolute badass of a bride who had the most perfect home wedding with a stunning Victorian twist.

Instagram | Facebook


Kaza Black Photography 

Photographer, Melbourne

Adalita – an inspiration to me, who fronted a band in the 90s which was rare at the time, and continues to do so in a male dominated industry. Adalita continues to front Magic Dirt as well as her solid solo career. This photo was taken at the Reclink Community Cup 2019.

Website | Instagram

Amelia Jones – inkblots

Amelia Jones (inkblots) – a photographer, filmmaker and motion graphics editor from the North West, based in Manchester, England and specialising in portraits, gig and concert photography and videography.

My Mum captured on 35mm film

My friend Jess playing YES last year

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Mia ‘Jean’ Tolley 

Photographer, Exeter

I’m a commercial photography student who likes to explore her own sexuality and femininity through her work. This image doesn’t have a solid story, other than it was part of a project exploring women’s body image throughout the fashion industry.



Maddie Drake 

I’m a student taking pictures at gigs all around the city (Manchester) mostly just to see live music for free. The photoset is of Talie of the Red Stains, headlining at Castle Hotel in December 2021.


Anya Weston-Shaw 

Photographer, north west

A large volume of female musicians inspire me to use my camera and feel good in myself. Ellie Rowsell. She inspired me to capture the world’s beauty. This shows you Wolf Alice as if you were looking through my eyes.

Photography InstagramPersonal Instagram


Alex Curran

My name is Alex Curran. I am a music and event photographer based in Dublin. I have experience in live performance photography. I chose the image below as it captures the authentic emotion of the musician just before her performance. Her name is Rachel Mae Hannon.


Ingrid Turner

I’m Ingrid Turner, a Manchester based photographer. My passion for taking pictures began with street photography, catching poignant moments and chance encounters, and this background is reflected in my event and charity photography. I love capturing intimate, special moments that take place when people connect.

A woman supporting the Together With Refugees Rally in Oct 2021. She looked really serene and kind.

A dancer rehearsing

Website | InstagramFacebook | Twitter


Rachel Wonders

My name is Rachel Wonders and I am a music photographer based in London & The North West. My style is very soft, feminine and ethereal and I view my practice as an art form as opposed to something more documentary. This is a photo of Foxes at the Islington Assembly Hall shot for Square One Magazine.



Hannah Mesquitta Photography

Hannah Mesquitta – photographer from Portsmouth. Enjoys shooting live and landscape.

When I’m not snapping away, I’m either busy being a retail manager (my job) fussing my cat (or other people’s cats haha) adding to my ever growing houseplant collection or spending hours on Animal Crossing. 

Lauran Hibberd live

My friend Carrie

Instagram | FacebookTwitter


Ange at Cobspix Photography

I’m a freelance gig photographer shooting bands around Greater Manchester for the last 4 years. This is Annabelle Zaychenko, lead singer for Circus 66, an upcoming rock band from Maidenhead. Annabelle delivers powerful soaring vocals and owns that stage. Go check them out!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Jess Robinson

I’m Jess and I’m a photographer from Manchester. I’ve been taking shots of live music for a few years now and here is one of my favourites! The shot is of the wonderful Martha Phillips from The Elephant Trees.

Website | Instagram


Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography

I’m Siobhan, I live on the Sussex coast and mostly shoot gigs, festivals and other events. I started Breaking Glass as a platform for my own and other like-minded people’s work. It’s amazing to have contributors from all around world.

Beth from brilliant Brighton band LibraLibra

Lifted by Mimbre

Website | Instagram | Twitter


It’s been a pleasure to put this feature together and celebrate a whole range of talent; huge thanks to all who have contributed. You can check out  more from each photographer on the links shown. All images are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

Happy International Women’s Day 2022! See you back here next year – and keep the sentiment going every day between now and then…

8th March 2022

Photo Gallery – Black and White Images

Timeless, classic and evocative – there’s something about black and white photography that doesn’t just grab your attention but holds it too. In our latest gallery we’ve revisited the monochromatic style to bring you a set of images from photographers far and wide, each capturing their own moments across a range of subjects.

“To see in colour is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul” – Andri Cauldwell

Header photo by Gregor Boyd; details in article


Bob Vylan – The Ferret in Preston 27/8/2021

Colin from GBH at North West Calling, O2 Ritz, Manchester 30/6/2018

By Gary Hough at allthecoolbandsphotography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


SS Nomadic – Titanic Quarter, Belfast 2019

Apocalypse Action Man – 2014

By Seb K Akehurst at Jolly Bearded Promotions – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



By Gregor Boyd – Website | Instagram


Danielle Durack at Valley Bar on the 1st anniversary of her album No Place release

Glass blower at Bud’s Glass Joint on Roosevelt Row 1st Friday, downtown Phoenix

By Jennifer Mullins –Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Sand, Sea, Sky (Aberystwyth looking toward Constitution Hill)

Guitar Man (Park Street, Birmingham)

By Mac McCreery – Instagram


Jehnny Beth supporting IDLES at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, Feb 22

The crowd at Enter Shikari playing Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, Dec 21

By Amelia Jones at Inkblots – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Coi Fish Pond, State College

Outdoor Portrait, Harrisburg, PA

By Erin Servey – Instagram


By Becky Jones – Twitter


HENGE at Manchester Academy on 30th October 2021, frontman Zpor and the crowd 

By Ingrid Turner Photography – Website | InstagramFacebook | Twitter


The Black and White Sheep of the Family

Inside Looking Out

By Charlie Smith – Twitter


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By Steven Medeiros Photography – Website | Instagram

Wear a Mask

Dale Barclay, Broadcast, Glasgow, May 2018

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


As always, big thanks to all the photographers who have shared their wonderful images. If you like what you see, you can find more of their work on the links shown.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

24th February 2022

Contribute to Breaking Glass

Contribute to Breaking Glass

We get lots of enquiries from people asking how they can become a contributor for Breaking Glass. There are a number of ways you can do this and we thought it might be helpful to put all the details in one place.

A few things to mention:

– Breaking Glass is not a profit-making publication; we can’t pay for contributions nor do we charge for submissions as some sites do.
– Copyright remains with the photographer or writer; by submitting your photos or writing, you grant us permission to include them on the website and our social media with credit; if you ever want us to take your work off the website you can just let us know.
– Please get in touch to discuss before sending completed content. The best way to do this is by email to
– Please do look at the website before making contact to see if your content fits with ours.

Ongoing features:

The Vinyl Countdown:

We’ve all got playlists of our favourite songs, mixtapes if we’re talking old school. If you’re interested in sharing your very own Desert Island Discs, choose any 10 tracks and include a sentence or two about each. Tell us why they’re on your list, do they make you laugh, cry, dance on the kitchen table?

In Focus:

We’re happy to showcase photographers. If you’d like an introductory feature, get in touch. We generally include 8-12 of your favourite photos with some info about you, your images and any projects you’re working on.

New Music Reviews:

We have loads of music submitted for review – if you’d like to write about some of it, have a look at the kind of stuff we cover to see if this might be for you. We’re looking to write about things we like, there’s enough negativity online and it‘s not what we’re here for.

Other options:

– From time to time we run features and galleries with different themes and have year end galleries for live music shots and general photography; these are always promoted on our socials. 
– If you have a particular subject you’d like to write about or a specific photography project you’d like to share and think it’s a good fit, drop us an email to discuss. We’re interested in music (with most of our focus on newer or emerging artists), all genres of photography, and associated exhibitions, films and books.

Things to include:

– Photos should be sent as jpg files please – portrait / landscape / square / colour / black & white are all fine, any style, you can send with or without watermark.
– Please ensure there is no offensive content and that you have permission to share images of people not taken in a public place or including minors.
– Include your name, how you would like to be credited and links you would like us to include to your work, e.g. website / socials.

Any questions just ask and thanks for your interest!
Siobhan, Editor

Photos © 16 Beasley St Photography

25th January 2022

Best Music Shots of 2021

‘I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
That I almost believe that they’re real’ – The Cure

Here we are again with our annual Best Music Shots of the Year gallery, thankfully 2021 reopened the doors of venues big and small and reminded us exactly what we’d been missing. And so it’s even more of a privilege than usual to bring you this amazing selection of live music shots captured around the world.

Photos are in no particular order, mixed by genre and style, so grab a cup of tea and take a break while you check them all out to avoid missing anything… enjoy.

(Header photo above by Tina Sherwood, details in article)

Chalk, Brighton – October 2021

By Rob Orchard – Website | Instagram


Rachel Mae Hannon
Whelans, Dublin – November 2021

By Alex Curran – Instagram

Ben Sargent of Hell’s Addiction
Rockin’ The Bowl Festival, Sheffield – September 2021

Hazel Jade Rogers of JOANovARC
Rockin’ The Bowl Festival, Sheffield – September 2021

By Tina Sherwood – Instagram | Facebook


Bob Vylan
The Ferret, Preston – August 2021

Steve Diggle of Buzzcocks
Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool – August 2021

By Gary Hough at allthecoolbandsphotography – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Cody Hibbard
Ft Worth Panther Island River and Blues Fest – November 2021

Rachel Stacy
Texas Lottery Pavilion, Irving, Texas – October 2021

By Robert C Maxfield II – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Oracle Sisters
The Glue Factory, Glasgow – November 2021

Callum Easter
Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – September 2021

By John Mackie – Instagram


Doug Aldrich of The Dead Daisies
Nottingham Rock City – November 2021

Angelo Tristan of Collateral
Sheffield Don Valley Bowl – September 2021

By Cobspix Photography – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Biltmore Theatre, Ontario – November 2021

Excuses Excuses
Biltmore Theatre, Ontario – November 2021

By Mirjana (Mikki) Simeunovich – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Freya Beer
Paper Dress Vintage, London – November 2021 (shot for dead good music blog)

By Rachel Wonders – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Nile Rodgers and CHIC
Dreamland, Margate – September 2021

The Ks
Dreamland, Margate – September 2021

By Katie Stokes – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Royal and the Serpent
XL Live, Harrisburg PA – August 2021

Nick Reese of Joyous Wolf
Reverb, Reading PA – October 2021

By Erin Servey Photography – Instagram | Facebook


Sydney Sprague
Rebel Lounge, Phoenix AZ – June 2021

Danielle Durack
Rebel Lounge, Phoenix AZ – June 2021

By Jennifer Mullins –Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Steve Diggle of Buzzcocks
Gateways Festival – August 2021

Lauren Tate of Hands Off Gretel
Long Division Festival – September 2021

By Steve White – Instagram


Daniel Filth of Cradle of Filth
Bloodstock Festival – August 2021

Benji of Skindred
Bloodstock Festival – August 2021

By Clare Ratcliffe – Instagram | Facebook


Julia Bardot
Bodega, Nottingham – October 2021

Paul Weller
Octagon Centre, Sheffield – November 2021

By Nigel King Photography – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Sons of Liberty
Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield – September 2021

The Outlaw Orchestra
Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield – September 2021

By Andy Houghton – Website | Instagram


Alex Southey
Bar Cathedral, Toronto – November 2021

The Sarandons
Dakota Tavern, Toronto – November 2021

By Steven Medeiros – Website | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2


False Heads
The Boileroom, Guildford – November 2021

The Boileroom, Guildford – November 2021

By Matt Chapman – Website | Instagram | Twitter


The Sixth Lie

By Najm Clayton – Website | Instagram


The Hope and Ruin, Brighton – October 2021

Walt Disco
The Hope and Ruin, Brighton – November 2021

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photoraphy – Website | Instagram | Twitter


As always, a massive thank you to all the awesome photographers who have shared their images. If you like what you see, go and give them a follow on the links shown. Whether you’re a photographer, musician, gig-goer or involved/interested in the music industry in any way, keep supporting your local scene and please, please keep taking a test. Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year – take care of yourselves and each other.

All images are the copyright of the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

17th December 2021


2021 Through the Lens

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
– Aaron Siskind

Throughout this year, photographers have had the chance to get back out into the world and capture their favourite things forever. From theatre to nature, sports to protests and the little bits of everyday life that we maybe just don’t take so much for granted any more, we’ve put together a collection of images of people and places that played a part in making 2021 unique.

As with all our galleries, there is no specific order; the images have been mixed by format and content so enjoy from start to finish…

(Header photo above by Steven Medeiros, details in article)

Together with Refugees Rally, London

By Ingrid Turner – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


A Full 360
Matty Hemmings at the Test Your Skills area of The Photography Show at the NEC

Attempted Stumping
Notts Outlaws v Lancashire Lightning T20 match at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground

By Nigel King – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Preparing for the Fight

By Najm Clayton –  Website | Instagram


Dwerja Bay

The Boathouse

By Derek Rickman – Instagram | Twitter


Eye Spy

My Ball

By Alan Cruickshank – Instagram


I Can Touch the Sky

By Charlie Smith – Twitter


Chalk Artist and Helper
Phoenix Farmers Market

Lady in Red

By Jennifer Mullins – Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Glastonbury Tor through the Mist

Chimneys and Rooftops at Vicar’s Close, Wells

By Petra Eujane Photography – Website | Instagram


Free Palestine, Cardiff City Centre, Wales

Kill the Bill, Bute Park, Cardiff, Wales

By Tom Davies, Photojournalist – Instagram


Toronto, Canada

By Steven Medeiros – Website | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2


The British Engineerium, Hove

By Becky Jones – Twitter


Worthing Pier

Make Up, Brighton Fringe

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Huge thanks to all our photographers for sharing their images and memories with us; it’s always a pleasure to put these galleries together and see the variety of talent in the field. Do check out more of each person’s work on the links shown. Wishing contributors and readers alike all the very best for the Christmas period and here’s to a happy and healthy 2022.

Our Best Music Shots of 2021 feature will be published later this week.

All images are the copyright of the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

15th December 2021


Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2021

Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2021

Firmly on our favourite new bands list, we planned to have LibraLibra on one of our monthly covers just over a year ago. That plan was thwarted by a day of extraordinarily heavy rain followed by a plunge back into lockdown. We’re delighted that we’ve finally made this happen and to see how much recognition and support the band has gained in the meantime.

As an added bonus, it was a huge pleasure to catch a packed hometown show at Brighton’s Hope & Ruin a couple of weeks ago; their new music sounded great, their energy is infectious and the crowd had an absolute ball.

Now that we all have the opportunity to get out to gigs again, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that lots of artists and others in the industry have had a tough time throughout the pandemic. It’s so important to keep supporting the music scene to make sure we all keep getting the chance to experience the sheer joy it brings.

Vocalist Beth told us, “Not gonna lie, 2021 has been one of the worst years yet, not musically but mentally & physically it’s really taken its toll, we would love to be all sweetness and light but for us collectively it’s been full of heartbreak, an oophorectomy, instability and mental breakdowns. However ironically the only saving grace for us in 2021 has been the music. We finally released our new single, Candy Mountain, and got to throw our souls into some killer shows. 2022 presents a glimmer of hope for us, our EP is coming out, a tour has been booked & lots of things to come. Here’s to the future and to thriving not just surviving!”

If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch LibraLibra yet, this week they’ve announced performances at Icebreaker Festival, 2000 Trees and a slot on The National Lottery’s #ReviveLive tour with Music Venue Trust. Check out their new single Candy Mountain, and link to their socials and music here for more details of live dates.

No more than they deserve, we’re wishing LibraLibra the best of years in 2022, and extend that to all of you as well – thanks to everyone who contributes to, reads and supports Breaking Glass in any way; we wouldn’t still be here without you.

Words and photos by Siobhan

1st December 2021

Women of Protest

Women of Protest
By Tom Davies

Protesting is political and social; it is an outlet for those who have their voices unheard and provides a safe platform for education. For most people though, protesting is speaking out against injustice and taking a stand with minority communities. Despite continued fights for equality some women still do not feel truly equal or have a safe platform to discuss and solve issues that are affecting them. For the Women of Protest in Cardiff, this is a way they can get their voices heard and push for change.

These recent protests have not just been about BLM (Black Lives Matter), many different groups have taken to the streets of Cardiff in the last 18 months. Groups such as Extinction Rebellion, Justice for Palestine and Kill the Bill are just a few of the organisations that have marched through the city.

”Protesting means being loud and proud, it means being unapologetically black, it means putting pressure on systems and the media for change and educating everyone.” – Bianca Ali, 30

Protesting has noticeably increased over the last few years, with more than 20 protests taking place over the last 18 months. The death of George Floyd in America at the hand of the police sparked much of the social unrest across the world. Though not long after this, incidents similar to this started being brought to the public’s attention in South Wales.

For example, there have been multiple deaths linked to the alleged actions of South Wales police in the last two years. In 2019 Christopher Kapessa, a 13-year-old black boy from Cardiff, was allegedly pushed by a group of white boys into a river where he drowned. South wales police initially ruled it as an accident, no charges were pressed against those who allegedly pushed him, and it was hardly covered by the media at the time. In 2021 Mohamud Hassan, a 24-year-old black man, was arrested by South Wales police on suspicion of breach of the peace, he was released the next day without charge but died within a few hours of arriving home. Both cases have elements to them that should warrant further investigation, however the police only started investigating both issues after community pressure through protesting and accusations of institutional racism.

When protesting became more apparent in Wales Hannah Newbury, 23, explains how she felt about her role in the protests. “When it finally came to Cardiff it really hit home because I always knew there were issues in Wales. When the protest came here, it was almost like they were knocking on my door and giving me a reason to come out and join in.”

Initially, there was a high media coverage of the protests happening within Cardiff, such as the first BLM protests focused media attentions on the growing community of protesters within the city. However, even though events surrounding a stand against injustice continued, media coverage did not follow suit, even though women protesting in Cardiff was still apparent.

The Protests were not just BLM though as soon many other groups that call for social justice started organising protests. Extinction Rebellion organised a massive group march that included multiple different groups. This willingness to protest was also shown by the middle eastern community of Cardiff. Protests were organised for Afghanistan and Palestine just hours after news broke of the siege of Gaza and the Taliban take-over of Afghanistan.

Nelly Adams, 36, believes that the protests have not been publicised in the media as much as they deserved, “If these protests had been sufficiently covered in the media, then I would not still be subject to racist attacks. The large media companies will only publish what they deem it as profitable. If real change is to happen then there needs to be a lot more media coverage and continued coverage of ongoing events.”

Left: Nelly Adams, Right: Jessica Dunrod 

Jessica Dunrod, 32, believes that “Protests haven’t really been covered at all. We didn’t see the same numbers for Mohamud as we saw for George Floyd, and this is a boy in our community. So, I don’t think we’ve had anywhere near the right amount of coverage for what has happened. Christopher Kapessa’s mum still doesn’t have justice, so I don’t think we’re getting the media coverage.”

The protests have also been able to achieve a lot of positive change, since they started taking to the streets there have been two notable changes in Wales for minority communities. While investigations are still ongoing the protesters can be proud of the fact that the deaths are now being investigated and details are being released to the public.

The introduction of Black History to the school curriculum and the second being the new statue of Headmistress Betty Campbell, the first black head teacher in Wales. Many protesters do not believe either of these things would have been possible without the protests as it has raised awareness for a cause that a lot of people where not knowledgeable of.

Left: Yasmine Belhadj, Middle: Tara Turner, Right: Seun Seriki

The positive impacts of the protests extend to more than just government and police accountability, protesting is also about education and community, Hannah Newbury says, “I think we’ve managed to encourage a lot of different people that may not have protested before to join in. A lot of my white friends who haven’t been involved in protesting have come out in support for no other reason than to show that they care.”

The Cardiff Women of Protest are extremely proud of what they have accomplished so far and are determined to continue their efforts in standing in solidarity, continuing to fight for positive change, supporting those in society who need it, and stand up against injustice.

These strong women have spoken out about issues in our society and have created a safe platform for the oppressed to be heard. As Bianca Ali says she sees a bright future for women in Wales, “It makes me feel incredibly proud not only being Welsh but being a black Welsh woman, we had a march for black women last year and I led that march. It really empowered me to lead all these women from different backgrounds in protesting, and it made me feel incredibly proud as I have four younger sisters to look up to me. I hope I can continue inspiring them.”

Words and photos © Tom Davies, Photojournalist – Website | Instagram 

16th November 2021

Photo Gallery – Back to Nature

There are lots of aspects of lockdown that have been difficult, however, one real advantage has been that we’ve had a little more time to appreciate nature and watch wildlife take a foothold back into our wider view. We’ve loved seeing these images come through for our latest gallery – Back to Nature – and there are some really stunning shots here. As always, photos are in no particular order other than to be split by shape, size and subject, so please scroll all the way through to avoid missing something special …

Header photo by Najm Clayton; details in article


Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire at dusk

Hastings in East Sussex on a windy summer day

By Petra Eujane Photography – Website | Instagram


Little Moments; Natural Highlights

Images taken in Diss, Suffolk

By Gary Catlin Photography – Website | Instagram


Up and Away

Arctic Fox Chilling

Images taken in the Scottish Highlands

By Alan Cruickshank – Instagram


Out for a Run

Tree with a Bit Missing

By Nigel King – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Eagle in Flight, Isle of Mull

Hare on the Hill, Cairngorms

By Martin Ross – Instagram 1 | Instagram 2


Abegaveny, Wales

By Malachi Francis Photography – Instagram


Flower Study Images

By Robert H King – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Angry Squirrel

Image taken at Towne Lake in the Dallas Texas suburb of Irving

By Robert C Maxfield II Photography – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Portland Bill Lighthouse, Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Flowers at West Lulworth, Jurassic Coast, Dorset

By Clare Ratcliffe – Instagram | Facebook


Hungry Rabbit

Shade Garden

Images taken at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ

By Jennifer Mullins – Website | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2 | Prints


Kingfisher at Chart Mills

Trees & Roots, Rydal

By Derek Rickman – Instagram | Twitter


Watching Over the Family, Sutton Coldfield

Peacock, Birmingham Nature Centre

By Najm Clayton Photography – Website | Instagram


Fishguard Harbour, Wales

By Seb K Akehurst at Jolly Bearded Promotions – Etsy |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



Houseboat on the River Adur

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Thank you to each of the photographers who have shared their pictures; you can see more of their work by following the links shown.

All images are copyright of the named photographer and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Looking forward to our next gallery planned for October, we’ll be asking for shots of your favourite album covers (so many to choose from!) – submissions open late September. There are more details here and we’ll post reminders on socials nearer the time.

17th August 2021

Lockdown and Out

How’s everyone doing out there? The removal of lockdown restrictions next week is leaving a lot of us with a mix of anticipation and fear. While I’m sure we all want our lives back, jumping out from the cotton wool wrapped cocoon we’ve been forced into feels quite scary now.

Whatever you’re thinking, and whatever feels right for you, please keep sight of the fact that not everybody is in the same boat. Some people are still waiting for their second vaccination, some are more vulnerable than others to health issues, or may be protecting someone close to them who’s in that position. If you feel comfortable heading to gigs and festivals, have a brilliant time, but please keep testing (before and after) and if anyone wants to keep their distance and carry on wearing a mask, be a good guy and respect their choices.

Stay safe, stay kind, and look after each other.

Words and photos by Siobhan

16th July 2021

Breaking Glass Magazine – July 2021

Breaking Glass Magazine – June 2021

Cover image Alfie Ordinary presenting Now That’s What I Call Bingo at Spiegeltent for Brighton Fringe © 16 Beasley St Photography 

Despite ongoing restrictions, Brighton Fringe has once again pulled together a great range of shows in venues big and small across the city. Things may have been socially distanced but that didn’t detract from the performances, and the audience appreciation was clear to see. Check out our gallery of favourite productions below…

Make Up by NoLogoProductions at The Rialto

The Night Circus Cabaret at Sabai Pavilion

Dressing up Dietrich by Patricia Hartshorne at the New Steine Hotel

The Boys from The Chorus by Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus at St Nicholas Church 

The Lady in The Van by Sarah Mann Company at Brighton Open Air Theatre

Tell Me Why by NoAgEnDeR at One Church 

Warhol: Bullet Karma by Garry Roost at The Rialto 

Now That’s What I Call Bingo with Alfie Ordinary at Spiegeltent 

Electric Cabaret at Chalk 

Words and photos by Siobhan

1st July 2021