Live – Hamish Hawk | Lizzie Reid at Komedia Brighton

Hamish Hawk & Lizzie Reid at Komedia Brighton, 6th February 2023

With a double helping from the seemingly bottomless pit of exceptional music coming out of Scotland right now, Hamish Hawk landed in Brighton this week, bringing support from Lizzie Reid. 

Reid’s stunning vocal would surely break through the noisiest of venues, however it was lovely to see (or hear) a distinct lack of chat from a presumably captivated audience. Some beautiful songs, relatable stories and a trumpet solo performed without a trumpet all going to show why you should always arrive early for the opening act.

Lizzie Reid

To consider Hamish Hawk a force to be reckoned with would be a huge understatement. It’s very hard to pinpoint another artist that he’s similar to, and therein lies the key. Talk to people after the show and you’ll hear a consistent theme of ‘he’s different to everything else I like but I saw him once and I keep coming back…’ And for those who do, Hawk is a master of charm and humour which, coupled with his distinctive vocal, make for a performance to be savoured and locked away for prosperity every time.

The Komedia show was the best yet that I’ve seen – and a shout out to the rest of the band is merited as well, as a unit they really do allow the whole experience to come together and spotlight Hawk’s talent.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place (or able to travel), there are a few more dates through February on this tour and a string of instore sets coming up too. Deciding to go along will not be a decision you regret.

Hamish Hawk

Review and photos by Siobhan

8th February 2023