Live – VLURE | Kynsy | Redolent at The Lexington London

VLURE, Kynsy & Redolent at The Lexington, London, 3rd November 2022 (BBC Introducing)

In a week where BBC services have taken a potential battering, a reminder of all that they do outside of the regular TV and radio shows. Thursday night saw The Lexington packed, despite the irascible weather and threats of a train strike that happily never happened – an eclectic platform to showcase three artists, all of whom are well deserving of that support.

First up, Redolent’s mix of dark drums and synth samplers drew the crowd in, with a visible upturn in appreciation as the set progressed.


Next on stage, Kynsy impressed with a collection of songs that charged down the standard indie-pop of other acts, with accomplished vocals, great musicianship and ridiculously catchy hooks.


Headliners for the evening, and crashing with ease through the huge wave of anticipation for their set, VLURE maintained their status at the top of the new acts you cannot miss tree. It’s beyond me that they’re not already much bigger, but they have an astute awareness of how the industry works and of keeping things moving at their pace rather than feeling forced into saturation; a stance that many  over-exposed acts could learn from.

But this isn’t just clever marketing, VLURE have style and substance in abundance. An unexpected switch up with Alex taking vocals in her stride on the opening track, some new songs, some already firm favourites, a cacophony of sound that somehow brings calm and makes sense of the madness going on in the world right now. There’s a bit of me that wants it to stay like this, but VLURE deserve every success that comes their way and, if there’s any justice in the world, it surely will.


And to all the teams at BBC Introducing who continually work to bring artists like this to the forefront, we’re all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you – to lose this would be unforgivable.

Review & photos © Siobhan

7th November 2022