New Music – Red Ribbon | Fast Trains | Krush Puppies | Helvetia

New releases / videos – Red Ribbon, Fast Trains, Krush Puppies, Helvetia

Red Ribbon – Planet X  (single)

Out last week on Danger Collective Records, Planet X, the new album from Red Ribbon (aka Emma Danner) charts a journey through a Californian wildfire and looks for hope among the fragility of the world we live in.

Musically, there are hints of St Vincent with a Twin Peaks twang in the background. The album sways its way through emotions and moods, latest single and title track Planet X a fine showpiece for the overall collection, listen below. The album is available now.

Red Ribbon


Fast Trains – On Being Poor (single)

The latest single from Fast Trains once again manages to bring something new to the table. On Being Poor grabs 80’s electro by the scruff of the neck and allows it space to grow up and mellow a little to meet its potential. Its undercurrent is reminiscent of A Flock of Seagulls’ I Ran, though there are thankfully no signs of the winged hairdo that slightly overshadowed the music back then.

The EP, ourWorld Volume 1, from which this is taken, is a cleverly formed combination of music and art, the visuals a key aspect of the overall project. Jump on board, there’s no wrong side of the tracks with Fast Trains. Music available on the website link below.

Fast Trains


Krush Puppies – Slay the Dragon (video)

We covered the release of Slay the Dragon on its release a few weeks back. It’s a great track full of shadowy psych and medieval musings. Just giving it another shout out as there’s now a video to match and it may just be the distraction you’re looking for – watch here, Bandcamp link below..

Krush Puppies


Helvetia – Does It Go Backwards (video)

Another newly released video for your pleasure, this time from Helvetia, the solo project of Jason Albertini. Don’t be surprised by the dreamlike elements of the track and video – the visuals are based on a recurring dream where a ghost is responsible for a series of odd events and Jason wakes up believing that he is a ghost too. My lockdown dreams have largely been situated in the supermarket but really, the ensuing video from those wouldn’t be close to as intriguing as this one. Lovely soft, hazy vocals and soundscapes too.

Album Essential Aliens is out on 25th June via Joyful Noise, pre-order on link below.



Words by Siobhan

14th June 2021