Photo Gallery – Toy Story

For our latest gallery, we’ve been to infinity and beyond (and that’s a long way) to find a selection of toys in a variety of situations. From structured toy photography to snaps of childhood favourites, take yourselves back in time and let’s play…

Header photo by Cath Dupuy, details in article


Toy Photography

Best viewed with the songs by Johnny Cash: Ain’t no Grave or God’s Going To Cut You Down.

“In all the Toyboxes, with all the kids out there, I had to stumble on my own messed up Toybox. We are all lost here, although we know some toys just gotta be taken down a peg or two. Sometimes we have to not play nice either.”

By Seb Akehurst at Jolly Bearded Promotions – EtsyInstagram | Facebook | Twitter


Rocking Horse

This much-loved rocking horse seems to have provided a lot of fun to children over the years.

Hush Little Baby

A well-preserved baby doll, washed in the afternoon light, kept safely in its cradle.

Photos were taken at Sahuaro Ranch, Glendale, Arizona

By Jennifer Mullins Photography – Website | Prints | Instagram | Twitter


The Bugs Family go on Holiday

A lockdown ‘Create a Scene’ photography project! Created with a cardboard box, one of my photos of an Australian beach and some aquarium gravel!

These are my 2 best childhood toys, which I have had for over 60 years! The grey cat was given to me when I was 3 months old… so 65 yrs ago!

By Cath Dupuy – Website | Instagram | Facebook



By Tina Sherwood – Instagram


Looking for a New Home

By Becky Jones – Twitter


Gardening (Guarding) Against Predators

This is my 1966 Action Man that I’ve had since I was a boy, first time he’s been outdoors during the pandemic.

’Robin, I said don’t park the car there’

Batmobile and Bat Copter are well used toys that I’ve had since the 1960s. This Batmobile pictured is a Corgi 267 Batmobile and this one was first produced in October 1966. It was painted matt black and had wheels with red bats on gold hubs. It is known as the ‘red-hubs’ Batmobile and was produced for about 6 months.

By Gary Hough at allthecoolbandsphotography – Website |  Prints | Instagram | Twitter


Hang On Woody!

A house in town has been keeping us entertained with their window displays during lockdown. Not sure if Buzz and Woody are escaping or trying to get back in but they’ve been hanging around for some time now.

Say Cheese

Photographers are looking younger all the time.

By Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography – Website | Instagram | Twitter



Who needs toys when a tyre will do? This image reminds me of the simple pleasures of childhood when the box was more fun than whatever was inside.

By Charlie Smith – Twitter


Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed their pictures and stories; we look forward to seeing more of your work as things begin to open up in the world and you’re able to start covering your regular events and subjects again. You can check out more from all involved on the links shown.

Copyright for images remains with each named photographer, please do not reproduce without permission.

Our next gallery in August takes us back to nature with landscapes and wildlife in the great outdoors – submission details here.

9th June 2021