Photo Galleries 2021 – Submission Info

The silhouettes of the backs of two ladies sitting on a bench in an art gallery looking at 4 brightly coloured David Hockney pictures

Photo Galleries 2021

Last year closed the doors (several times) on many photographers being able to access their usual subject matter. What was clear though was that you can’t curb creativity for long, and many of you shared your lockdown images with us, which was much appreciated and a source of inspiration. The introduction of themed photo galleries also brought some welcome relief from the ever-present Covid restrictions. As we’re still not quite out the other end of the tunnel, we’ll be compiling different galleries bi-monthly this year. Thanks for your suggestions for new themes; we’ve incorporated as many as possible. As each one draws near, there will be reminder posts on Instagram and Twitter and, for easy reference, all details can be found below. Please check info for the individual gallery and the full set of guidelines at the end of the post. In addition to these, if you have a photographic project or mixed portfolio you’d like us to consider for feature, drop us an email to discuss, with a brief outline and link to your work.

February – The Animal Kingdom

Dachshund walking across grass

Subject ideas: Animals of all shapes and sizes, pets or wildlife but nothing in captivity please, people can be included in the images…

Text / details: Titles for images only

Submission Dates: 25th January – 5th February 


April – The High Street

Black & white shot of a fairly empty high street in lockdown, closed shops, 2 people in the distance sitting on a bench, 2 more walking away talking, 1 person at the front of the picture wearing a face mask and talking on their mobile phone

Subject ideas: Your local high street in lockdown or from busier days, favourite shops, urban street art, people shopping…

Text / details: Required – titles for images, optional – up to 50 words max about your images

Submission Dates: 29th March – 9th April


June – Toy Story

Black and whit shot of a traditional style curly teddy bear wearing a cable knit jumper

Subject ideas: Your favourite childhood toys or games (if you still have them), a child’s toys, structured toy photography, lost toys in the street…

Text / details: Required – titles for images, optional – up to 50 words max about your images

Submission Dates: 24th May – 4th June


August – Back to Nature

Rolling green hills under blue sky with fluffy white clouds

Subject ideas: Landscapes, seascapes, parks, gardens, flowers, trees, birds…

Text / details: Titles for images only

Submission Dates: 26th July – 6th August


October – Album Covers

3 album sleeves - Tigertown Pictures by Comet Gain, Love Bites by Buzzcocks and Fold Your Hands Clhild You Walk Like A Peasant by Belle & Sebastian

Subject ideas: Your favourite album covers in their natural habitat, whether that’s amongst other records, CDs, cassettes or in your arms! Images can be of single or multiple albums and MUST be photos you have taken of albums that have been purchased to avoid copyright issues…

Text / details: Required – titles for images, optional – up to 50 words max about your images

Submission Dates: 27th September – 8th October


December – Best of 2021 / Best Music Shots

Lead singer of the band Creatures holding up a microphone, psychedelic lit up visuals behind him

Subject ideas: Our regular end of year features – currently we can only hope that there will be content for the live music gallery, the general Best of 2021 gallery will be an opportunity for you to submit your favourite shots of the year, any subject or style. See last year’s Best Music Shots of 2020 and 2020 Through the Lens for an idea of how these will look.

Text / details: Titles for images only (music shots should also include name of artist, venue and month taken)

Submission Dates: opening date to be confirmed, closing date 10th December


All Galleries 

1. Everyone is welcome to submit; we want this to be as inclusive as possible, these are not competitions
2. Breaking Glass is not a profit-making publication; we can’t pay for contributions nor do we charge for entries as many sites do
3. Copyright remains with the photographer; by submitting your photos you grant us permission to include them in the stated gallery and to promote this and related posts on the website and social media with credit
4. To take part, email 1 or 2 images per gallery to
5. Jpg files please – portrait / landscape / square / colour / black & white are all fine, any style
6. You can send with or without watermark
7. Include your name, how you would like to be credited and links you would like us to include to your work, e.g. website / socials
8. Please ensure there is no offensive content and that you have permission to share images of people not taken in a public place or including minors
9. Check above for each gallery if you can send additional text to tell us about your photos or if only titles are required 
10. The ideas shown are not exclusive, feel free to interpret the subject matter as you like, as long as it’s clear how your picture fits the theme

Any questions, just ask!

Photos © 16 Beasley St Photography

15th January 2021