New Music – BK Pepper | Krush Puppies

New releases – BK Pepper, Krush Puppies

BK Pepper – Need to Know

Both dramatic and cinematic, the release of BK Pepper’s new video for Need to Know leaves a strong sense of anticipation for his pending EP, From an Empty Castle (due 6th June). The Dublin based composer applies his experience of playing everything from classical to rock to produce something quite unexpected and immersive. This is not background music, give it your undivided attention and see where it takes you.

BK Pepper


Krush Puppies – Slay the Dragon

’Met in the queue for Pets at Home on the Old Kent Road’ – sounds a tad like a John Cooper Clarke opening line but actually emanates from Krush Puppies’ press release. With such an auspicious start, it’s no wonder that the band members gelled and their shared talents have morphed over the last few years into their current fuzz filled psych tunes. Think Grace Slick hitting a wall of reverb and you’ll be some way there. Slay the Dragon is out now and ready to take on the world, debut EP to follow in the summer.

Krush Puppies


Words by Siobhan

14th May 2021