In Lockdown with Jake O’Brien

Using the changes in natural light to frame his photography, Jake O’Brien is staying busy and creative during lockdown…

‘My name is Jake O’Brien, I’m from Banstead in Surrey.

These photos have been taken during the isolation period. The majority consist of exterior shots that I have taken whilst I was in my garden, which has revealed a lot of beautiful shots. For example, the blossom was shot during sunset on Easter Sunday. The campervan shot was taken whilst I was in week two of isolation and I went to Epsom Downs for a recce as I know that it offers beautiful views of London as well as forms of transportation that you wouldn’t normally expect, such as this vehicle.

The shots of the sunlight seeping through onto a bed and guitar were taken during the last stages of sunset, the blinds deflected the sunlight onto my guitar that was standing upright against my wall. Throughout the majority of the shots I’ve used the sunlight to my advantage. I have been able to see normal household features in a completely different way because of it, therefore it has made a huge contribution when it comes to my motivation behind the photos that I have taken.

Usually I would be shooting bands and artists in the Surrey/London district. I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs at musical events as it intertwines my two main passions, music and photography. As well as that I get to meet fantastic people, whether it’s the band  members themselves or people from the music photography community online. As a result of music photography I have been able to discover Breaking Glass Magazine, so I am thankful for that.

In terms of coping with lockdown I have managed to distract myself whether that’s through music, guitar, writing books, taking photographs, exercising and making short home movies that don’t have any significant meaning, but they are a great way of diverting my mind from this terrible virus. Subsequent to lockdown I am looking forward to taking photos again at musical events, playing music with my mates, seeing family members and eventually going to university in September.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Jake. You can check out more of his work on his website and follow him on Instagram.

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5th May 2020