In Lockdown with Steve White

Taking a fresh look at the everyday things around him, photographer Steve White’s isolation shots take on a documentary style, capturing the unusual times we’re living in…

‘My name is Steve White and I’m in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, with my wife and twin daughters.

I’d normally be out shooting gigs a couple of times a week in Leeds, Middlesbrough, Stockton and York and then spending far too much time processing all the images.

Lockdown has been an interesting time so far. My day job is a teacher and the transition to online teaching and learning was a very steep learning curve for myself, students and a lot of parents of those students. I’m missing the gigs. Rumours that venues, clubs and pubs will be one of the last things to reopen isn’t good news but if it keeps people safe, then so be it.

On a positive note it’s given me much more time to spend with my family and it’s been great spending more evenings together. I’ve also spent too much money buying music by bands I’ve now got more time to listen to.

The last time I picked up my DSLR was to shoot The Boomtown Rats in Minehead at the beginning of March. Since the lockdown I’ve just been documenting daily life with my phone or my Olympus. Walks around our now deserted town, daily exercise strolls, home haircuts, games in the garden. Photographing the things I always notice but rarely shoot – sunlight glinting through a sprinkler, car parks, daft shadow shapes. Anything that catches my eye. I suppose it’s just a record of a time in history I hope we never have to go through again.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Steve. To see more of his work check out his Flickr site and follow him on Instagram. 

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6th May 2020