In Lockdown with Rebecca O’Flaherty

Looking at how we cope and support each during isolation, Rebecca O’Flaherty captures life from a sibling’s perspective in this set of insightful shots…

’My name is Rebecca O’Flaherty and I am a photographer based in Northern Ireland.

My practice during isolation has focused on how my younger sister has been dealing with the break-up of her natural routine and how myself, as an older sister, have had to try and keep her routine as natural as possible, which has been a task.

How do you keep a younger person filled with imagination and adventure entertained when they are unable to physically do these things naturally in their daily life? I’ve allowed my sister to explore her imagination by putting it creatively onto paper, mainly through drawings, which I have then tried to reconstruct while photographing landscapes on our daily walks.

The work shows the suspended time of reality by creating a very dreamlike space within the landscapes and portraits I’ve created of her, allowing us as the viewer to almost see the imagination within her mind.

I personally think this is a very positive way of looking at such an uncertain time within our era and I hope it brings many people delight, as it has me.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Rebecca. If you would like to see more of her work on this and other projects, you can find her on Instagram.

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4th May 2020