In Lockdown with Jenn Cliff-Wilcock

In isolation, photographers are finding new subjects to shoot, including themselves. Completing this week’s lockdown features, Jenn Cliff-Wilcock takes an innovative approach to self-portraiture and captures the empty streets of Liverpool…

‘My name is Jenn Cliff-Wilcock, I’m a music photographer and videographer, and owner of Lens Of A Wool.

Self Portraits
I’ve never particularly felt comfortable being in front of the camera, so I thought I’d take the time during isolation, where there is no one else to take photos of, to try out some self portraits. One set I did during the day, and the other during the night. There wasn’t any particular theme or concept I was running with, just the aim of feeling a bit more relaxed and learning what positioning and lighting works with the camera.

I felt the one perk of having a broken blind during this shoot, shaped light. I loved using the strip of light to bring a bit more of an artistic flare to the photo, albeit quite naturally and conveniently.

Things got a bit messy at 2am, trying to channel my self expression through dramatic lighting set ups, fake blood and face paint.

Street Photography
I live in Liverpool, in my personal opinion, one of the most beautiful cities out there, with contrasts between the old and new architecture, and the nature and urban contrasts that run through the streets, I can’t get enough of it. During lockdown, I’ve been doing my best to have a wander through my area, Wavertree, as well as through the city centre; there is this weird emptiness throughout the place.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Jenn. You can see a wide range of her work on her website and follow her across social media on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter and YouTube. 

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1st May 2020