In Lockdown with Olivia Sofia Ferrara

Documenting her quarantine on film, Olivia Sofia Ferrara is creating a collection of video diaries that reflect the unusual times we are living in. The stills shown here retain the cinematic mood…

‘My name is Olivia Sofia Ferrara and I’m from Kent.

One evening, about a week into isolation, I set myself the task of creating daily videos of My Isolation with the aim to capture the beauty in the everyday. And it made me really become present within my surroundings as I was having to look for shots, but within these tight parameters of the lockdown.

The photos are screen grabs from the videos I have created so far from my experience with isolation. I hope you like them.

Outside of lockdown I would normally be shooting gigs, theatre shows, headshots, etc. However, as I had recently moved to London I am looking to expand my repertoire into property photography, family/pet photoshoots and professional headshots.’

All photos are part of Olivia’s My Isolation project and copyrighted by her. If you would like to see the videos they come from you can follow Olivia on Instagram and find more of her work on her website.

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30th April 2020