In Lockdown with Dave Harford

Still finding time to be creative between keyworking shifts, photographer Dave Harford is seeking out new subjects and developing his skills in macro shooting…

‘I’m Dave Harford and I’m usually a landscape photographer based in Worcester. The lockdown has been really frustrating due to beautiful weather and sunsets (my favourite). 

I’m a key worker so manage to take the camera to work with me. I’ve managed a couple of landscape shots and the M5 as you can see at night. But for me, lockdown has widened my approach to photography. It’s taught me new things and to see new things. I’ve been experimenting with macro, from taking photos of my children’s eyes, to candles, insects and pencils. Strange!

April has also gifted us supermoon and full moons which have to be captured. Thanks for taking the time to look, enjoy and keep shooting. Think outside of the box.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Dave. You can see a great selection of his work on his website and follow him on Instagram and Twitter

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29th April 2020