Album Review – Ist Ist: Architecture

Album Review – Ist Ist: Architecture

From the opening menacing notes of lead track Wolves, it is clear that Ist Ist’s debut album Architecture is not for background listening. The now familiar dark undertone of their music is immediately present, beautifully balanced by the changing pace and multi-layered instrumentation throughout the album. There is a theatricality about the songs that engulfs the listener and their placement is such that it feels like a piece of work that should be ingested from start to finish; no shuffling tracks here.

As the tempo quickens on You’re Mine, thoughts of early Sisters of Mercy come to mind then, again, there is a sidestep to synth-driven Black taking you to a whole different era. Recent single Silence embodies the sound of Ist Ist; a glance back to the more melancholy side of 80’s new wave with an updated twist that creates something new; the sound of hope amongst the desolation of whatever this is that we’re living through right now.

The refrain of penultimate track Under Your Skin seems particularly apt as this collection of songs very definitely compels its way into your mind. Closing with the poignantly haunting Slowly We Escape, the end credits maintain all the intensity of this much anticipated 10 track anthology. Architecture has been a long time in the making and proves itself worthy of the wait; an album to be played and replayed often.

Architecture is out today via Kind Violence Records – for more details and to purchase the album follow this link. Watch the video for Wolves below.

Words by Siobhan

1st May 2020