In Lockdown with Clare Ratcliffe

Completing this week’s photography features, Clare Ratcliffe is using her time in quarantine to capture her local area and discover the wildlife and nature on her doorstep (not forgetting a fine looking collection of beverages too!). Join us again each weekday next week as the series continues…

‘I’m Clare Ratcliffe, a keen amateur photographer from Peterborough, UK, who loves to shoot local gigs/festivals (especially this time of year) and photograph our travels abroad, which has all stopped since we were put on lockdown on 23rd March – my birthday!!

I’m currently in lockdown with my husband, Mark, although we are both still working; me working from home for a media company and Mark for a bread company – #keyworkers!

The pictures I’ve taken since lockdown include my birthday flowers, pictures taken in my back garden (which luckily seems to attract a lot of wildlife), various objects around the house and whenever I can get out for a walk during the day – we live next to a large country park.’

You can find more of Clare’s photos and follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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24th April 2020