In Lockdown with Jennifer Mullins

Continuing our lockdown series, today’s feature is with music photographer Jennifer Mullins. Uncovering the hidden gems of what is usually the busiest city in Arizona, her shots manage to reflect the past whilst documenting life today…

‘My name is Jennifer Mullins and I live in Phoenix, AZ.

I usually photograph live music shows in Phoenix as well as portraits but since these avenues have been shut down I have taken to going downtown to explore historic districts and neighborhoods that I’ve never been to. The streets are pretty much abandoned, with the exception of walkers and bikers. I’m enjoying taking the time to enjoy older architecture as well as capturing the emptiness of the city.

I photograph in color and black and white, depending on the subject and the feeling that I want to translate into the finished product.  Since I live alone, the black and white empty spaces reflect the isolation that I feel from time to time.

The thing that I look forward to the most when the lockdown is over is physical touch. I miss the hugs that I’d get when I was at shows and the familiar faces.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Jennifer. You can see more of her work and follow her on Instagram.

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23rd April 2020