New Music – Forgetting the Future

Forgetting the Future – Cigarettes, Cigarettes, Cigarettes 

It can’t get much more indie-rock than Forgetting the Future’s latest Cigarettes Cigarettes Cigarettes, a track that bounces along with carefree danceability, one that’ll give it high praise in the crowds of future gigs. Rather than trying to weave in a joke about forgetting their future gigs (haha), lets just talk about the track, yeah?

With a strongly vibrant intro, Cigarettes*3 begins. Its verses are subdued, giving vocalist Robbie McNicol his first chance to sew seeds of a story that holds some darker, yet titularly related, beats. References to a cold atmosphere where electric bills are replaced with drugs seems to hold its influence in our current CoL crisis, snuck within the happy go lucky tune like poison in your vodka coke.

As we continue, the band are treated to higher distortions. The second verse feels grittier, ‘cooler’, fuelling the fire of both the song and story. It comes to its pinnacle, as expected, in its bridge, with the energy of drums, guitar and bass boosting up to beat rhythm between McNicol’s triplets, exploding into a final four bars of pure rock energy.

With its mingling of fun, worrying undertones and musical bombast, Forgetting the Future have set themselves up for a line of upcoming gigs that are sure to impress, throughout Scotland this November.

Forgetting the Future

Review by Jacob Rose

26th September 2022