New Music – Sakura Murakami | Síomha | Siv Jakobsen | Anorak Patch

New releases – Sakura Murakami | Síomha | Siv Jakobsen | Anorak Patch

Sakura Murakami – Cast Away

Yet more talent to emerge from the creative hub of Leeds, Sakura Murakami fall a good distance from the indie tree so often associated with the city. Music to escape with, new single Cast Away mixes chilled psych reverb with soft nostalgic funk beats throughout. Difficult to hook people in with a instrumental, but there’s enough intrigue here to set the cat’s curiousity to dangerous levels.

Cast Away is out now on Strong Island Recordings.

Sakura Murakami


Síomha – Infinite Space (album)

With a soulful nod to the lounge clubs of the past on latest single Right From the Start, you could be forgiven for assuming that this was Síomha’s only chosen genre. However, dipping your toe into her album Infinite Space uncovers whole layers of different shapes and styles just waiting to take the listener by surprise. Tracks in English and Irish bring not just pop tinged soul but an eclectic hybrid of Celtic jazz that makes for a veritable journey through the senses.

Infinite Space is available now on all major streaming platforms.



Siv Jakobsen – Most of the Time

A welcome return for Norway’s Siv Jakobsen’s floaty vocals on new track Most of the Time. With a knack for capturing those very personal emotions that run alongside life, Jakobsen’s last album, A Temporary Soothing, despite being written prior to lockdown, dealt with feelings of isolation and the uncertainty it brings. Most of the Time takes on the impact of a past relationship and manages somehow to bring a sense of serenity and hope to its resultant fallout.

Most of the Time is out now, new music is in the offing.

Siv Jakobsen

Anorak Patch – By Cousin Sam (EP)

Those old jokes about policemen looking younger all the time could easily be adapted to fit an intro to Anorak Patch, all within the youthful age range of 15-18. How they sound so accomplished so soon is a mystery to behold, but their music demands your attention, merging sophisticated pop hooks with spiky vocals full of whimsy and charm. Definitely ones to keep on your radar.

Recently released track Paris Will Be Paid For sets a suitably askance scene for their EP By Cousin Sam, available now via Nice Swan Records.

Anorak Patch

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2nd May 2022