Breaking Glass Magazine – May 2022

Breaking Glass Magazine – May 2022

It’s that time of year again when the streets of Brighton are heaving with entertainment on every corner. We’ll be heading out to cover Brighton Fringe and The Great Escape, and can’t wait to share some new discoveries alongside some BG favourites with you.

And there’ll be plenty of content from elsewhere too. Away from the music and drama, let’s have another photo gallery. The theme is Spring & Summer – interpret that how you will. Images from nature, holidays, festivals and anything else that fits the bill all welcome. Could we get these in by close of play on Saturday 14th May? The usual guidelines apply:

– Breaking Glass is not a profit-making publication; we can’t pay for contributions nor do we charge for entries as many sites do
– Copyright remains with the photographer; by submitting your photos you grant us permission to include them in the stated gallery and to promote this and related posts on the website and social media with credit
– Jpg files please – portrait / landscape / square are all fine
– You can send with or without watermark; please ensure you have permission for images not taken in a public space or of under 18s
– Max 1 or 2 images per photographer
– Please let us know how you’d like to be credited and include links to website/socials
– Email to

Look forward to seeing your seasonal shots!

Words and photo by Siobhan

1st May 2022