New Music – Sorry

Sorry – There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved

Last Tuesday I was putting together a summer sun playlist, and I was, very minorly, disappointed that no songs from North London group Sorry would fit the ‘vibe’. Now, I’m not saying there’s magic in the air, but two days later they dropped an instant classic that bears a soft joy to it in all the bounciest and best ways.

The track, named There’s So Many People That Want to be Loved, is a delightful mix of the band’s classic talents, like Asha Lorenz’s airy-but-grounded singing and eerie lyricism/tonality, with (and I’m partially ball-parking here) an Elton John-style Happy anthem. Instruments range from delightfully clean to delightfully harsh guitars, strings, staccato synths, pianos, horns, and any of the aforementioned played with an array of pedals. That latin word Tutti was made for this.

There’s not much more that can be said that isn’t summed up by the song itself, so if you’re reading this, take a listen (even if you already have 10 times today), and just enjoy the delightful eerie era of Sorry. With rescheduled tour dates and a duet with Sports Team on the horizon, There’s never been a second-best time to check out Sorry.


Words by Jacob Rose
Photo by Peter Eason Daniels

25th April 2022