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New releases – Francis of Delirium, Car Boot Sale

Francis of Delirium – The Funhouse

Building up a hefty amount of anticipation as their debut US venture kicks in, Francis of Delirium’s The Funhouse kicks the chair, dropping us into a soundscape of chaos that keeps its listeners (willingly) captive.

The energy of the track can be felt from the first five seconds – a searing guitar splitting in two between the stereo, keeping pace but creating immediate seeds of sonic disorder. Despite these tonal singes appearing throughout, they never feel like the ‘most’ that the track can do. Instead, throughout Jana surrounds you, the track knits enticement and gloom, flowing despairing lyrics in ever-changing rhythms that keep the track engaging until its end. Bahrich’s elusive delivery of lyrics centred on “attempting to remain unphased by the mayhem” drastically transforms between rhythms.

Supported by a video that iconises the chaos of the track, it’ll be hard to stop the carousel that is The Funhouse from being repeated over and over.

Francis of Delirium


Car Boot Sale – Headhouse

Headhouse is the latest single from Car Boot Sale, that brings dreamy indie pop right back into its prime.

The tune is primed for its soft yet bouncy atmosphere with its initial collaboration of tones, with the band keeping a sync, allowing each member their time as the tune unfolds – each six-string guitar laterally owning their space while the bass expands rhythmically into some fun styles throughout. Key standouts are drummer Ciaran Forth and vocalist Jacques: the former keeps the track solid, but in a jelly-like state, where variation never dulls the track down; the latter’s twisting vocal energy lifting listeners between tranquility and shout-out-loud lines, done with “ain’t that a lot of love?”.

It’s hard to see what’s not to like about Headhouse, stirring up even more love for the band and the future ahead of them.

Car Boot Sale


Words by Jacob Rose

15th March 2022