Live – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis at Royal Albert Hall London

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Royal Albert Hall London, 6th October 2021

From the mayhem of The Birthday Party to the wonder of The Bad Seeds, through collaborations with PJ Harvey and Kylie amongst numerous others, Nick Cave has emerged as one of the most outstanding performers you will have the privilege of seeing live. Captivating, intense and funny by parts, it’s hard to think who could accompany him and still manage at times to steal the show, until of course you consider Warren Ellis. Accomplished in playing an assemblage of instruments, and with a wonderful sense of both humour and theatricality, Ellis is the perfect partner in crime and the pair delighted fans by recording and releasing Carnage during lockdown, their music the perfect escape from the harsh reality of the pandemic.

Taking the album on tour, with an eclectic mix of songs from different eras added for good measure, their production is simple but slick and holds the attention of the audience from start to double encored finish. The setting of Royal Albert Hall provides a suitably dramatic and elegant backdrop for the music and, despite its size, Cave executes that magic trick of his that makes it feel like the smallest, most intimate of settings for everyone.

Music to heal the soul, a fantastic venue, a night to be remembered.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

Words and photos by Siobhan

8th October 2021