Breaking Glass Magazine – April 2021

Breaking Glass Magazine – April 2021

Cover image © 16 Beasley St Photography 

A year on since we first went into lockdown in the UK, there are some hopeful signs that we might be starting to move out again soon. Saying that, it’s dependent on people taking things slowly and sensibly and the track record on that has been pretty abysmal so far. The next few months will give us a good indicator of whether we’ll be back to covering live music again in the foreseeable future. Given that it was a big part of why I started Breaking Glass it’s been very odd not having that content for so long but, with the help of all our fab contributors, we’ve somehow managed to keep things going.

Speaking of contributors, if any of you are interested in writing some new music reviews, drop me an email to discuss. You can see the type of stuff we cover in previous new music features, post-punk, psych, dream-pop, trip-hop, electronica all hit the mark, not a big fan of pop-punk or lad rock. We get sent loads of stuff for review and it would be good to have some new ears taking a listen.

If you’re more at home with pictures than words we’re still taking submissions till 9th for our ‘high street’ photo gallery, more details here. And always happy to hear from photographers / creatives who’d like to have their work featured.

This month’s cover shot is a favourite from the archive of Eagulls playing at Olby’s Soul Cafe in Margate way back in 2016.

Words and photo © Siobhan

1st April 2021