New Music – Holiday Ghosts | Paul Jacobs | Barnaby Keen | Hooveriii

New releases – Holiday Ghosts, Paul Jacobs, Barnaby Keen, Hooveriii

Holiday Ghosts – Off Grid (single)

Time to head off grid and have some fun with this track from Holiday Ghosts, a fine advert for upcoming album North Street Air. Quirky and full of escapism, the riffs and dual vocals are a refreshing take on ‘hard-won alone time in an always connected world’. With hints of Menace Beach and a nostalgia for simpler times, Off Grid offers up a few minutes reprieve from the mundane; great video too.

North Street Air will be released via FatCat Records on 21st May and is available for pre-order here.

Holiday Ghosts


Paul Jacobs – Day to Day (single)

Perhaps best known as drummer with Pottery, Paul Jacobs is showcasing his pending solo album Pink Dogs on the Green Grass with a self-animated video for Day to Day. The track sees him reflecting on happy memories in suitably slacker-psych, laid back fashion.

Paul explains, “This song was inspired by a trip with friends during which we played at a festival near a river out in the woods. The experience stuck with us as one of the greatest times in our lives. The song is a reminder to live for today and shoot for your dreams”.

Pink Dogs on the Green Grass will be released in the UK on 11th June via Blow The Fuse Records; pre-order here.

Paul Jacobs


Barnaby Keen – Lay Our Cards (single)

Lay Our Cards, the debut single from multi-instrumentalist Barnaby Keen certainly bodes well for the future. Crossing genres to produce a hazy track fusing fuzzy dream-pop and melodies ‘inspired by Latin American music and Dub’, Barnaby draws on his experience of working with other artists and forges it into his own combination of immersive sound.

Released on South London label Plum Cuts, Lay Our Cards is out now, you can purchase the single here.

Barnaby Keen


Hooveriii – Erasure (single)

Ahead of excellently named album Water for the Frogs, Hooveriii have shared their latest track Erasure. While the title may call to mind Vince Clarke’s synth-pop of the 80s, this is more synth with attitude and a dose of garage-psych. Talking about the track, Hooveriii say, “Maybe the most sonically aggressive jam on the LP, Erasure is also the only love song. Originally demoed in a more straightforward fashion, but when Shaughnessy added the rhythmic toms it became more of a war chant. Big primitive energy, much like the destructive nature of love. The song also features wicked dueling sax and war cries from Gabe Flores & Gabe Salomón”. If someone’s offering to play you a love song, accept nothing less than this.

Water for the Frogs is due to be released on 9th April for The Reverberation Appreciation Society and can be pre-ordered here.



Words by Siobhan
Photos via Prescription PR, Silver PR, Chalk Press Agency, Cabin Fever Collective

26th March 2021