New Music – The Underground Youth | The Red Stains | Outlaw Boogie | Nightshift

New releases – The Underground Youth, The Red Stains, Outlaw Boogie, Nightshift

The Underground Youth – A Sorrowful Race (single)

When a song puts you in mind of a refurbished Chelsea Hotel No 2, it’s immediately worthy of your attention. And without denying the hints of Leonard Cohen, The Underground Youth have proffered something a bit different and a bit special too here. Incredibly, this is the lead from the band’s 10th album due in March. Manchester born and now based in Berlin, they have the influence of two cities whose music scenes are revered around the world, the chemistry to seamlessly move towards a darker sound of film noir, and the ability to capture a snapshot of the current isolation we’re all experiencing.

A Sorrowful Race is out now and will be followed by the album The Falling released on 12th March 2021 via Fuzz Club Records.

The Underground Youth


The Red Stains – Freezer Jesus (single)

Another solid track from Manchester’s The Red Stains with their seasonally flavoured new single Freezer Jesus. Reflecting the original 70’s DIY punk ethic, the song is confrontational and humour-filled at the same time. An ode to the 24/7 consumerism that even lockdown can’t prevent, the tune is spiky and matched with sawtooth vocals and barbed lyrics. ‘Well the joke’s on you ‘cause I’ve seen Jesus, he was buying chicken nuggets out an Iceland freezer’ is a Christmas couplet like no other; sing it in the shopping aisles and don’t go fighting over the last box of Ferrero Rocher.

The Red Stains


Outlaw Boogie – The Circle (single)

Hazy, trippy and slick round the edges, Outlaw Boogie releases the titular track as a precursor to his forthcoming EP The Circle. In the depths of a freezing winter, a journey back to the summer of love is a bit of a tonic right now. Outlaw Boogie is the pseudonym of London based Michael James Dent; already a respected producer, songwriter and performer. He says of the song, “The Circle is a tribute to a good friend who sadly passed in 2019. I wanted the song to act as a reminder that when somebody passes, they are still alive somewhere and even when you are walking home alone at night, that presence is always with you.”

The Circle EP is due for release on 15th January 2021.

Outlaw Boogie


Nightshift – Make Kin (single)

Whatever they’re feeding musicians in Glasgow at the moment, it continues to produce a seemingly steady stream of great artists and songs. Very much part of the local scene, Nightshift features members of indie peers Spinning Coin, 2 Ply and Robert Sotelo. They sound like they might be the hidden love-child of Duds and Dry Cleaning, combining layers of sound in a conflation of spoken word and tribal drumbeats. Their pending album from which Make Kin is taken has been pieced together remotely with band members creating and improvising their own sections, proof that quarantine needn’t stop creativity.

The album Zöe will be released on 26th February 2021 on Trouble in Mind Records.



Words by Siobhan
Photos via Silver PR, The Red Stains, One Beat PR

11th December 2020