EP Review – Dirty Freud: Love in the Backwater

Dirty Freud – Love in the Backwater 

Artist and producer Dirty Freud is making quite a name for himself, working with the likes of The Prodigy, Big Narstie and even godfather of everything, Iggy Pop. It’s unsurprising that his stamp is being sought out so widely given the refusal to stick to any one mainstream or underground genre, Freud’s blend of beats and dark electronica demands attention and provides a perfect platform to showcase the talents of others.

With three of the four tracks on this EP already released, it holds limited surprise for those already listening, however, the final packaged product is a fine collection with which to woo new ears.

Opening track Blood Bayou highlights the gorgeous tones of long-term collaborator Ruby Tingle’s vocals, think Jhené Aiko meets Karen O in a darkly lit club, with hypnotic synths and a smattering of opera filling the background. Flanked by previous singles Intentions (featuring Szou) and Moments, the title track Love in the Backwater proves worth the wait, telling the story of surviving a pandemic with a cool intensity that encompasses the entire EP.

From trip- hop to techno, dubstep to dance beats, there’s a whole plate of musical delicacies to pick from here. A skilfully unexpected EP for a wildly unexpected year, Love in the Backwater is released tomorrow, 11th December, via Modern Sky UK – pre-save here.

Words by Siobhan
Photos via Sonic PR

10th December 2020