New Music – The Lounge Society | Maya Lakhani

New releases – The Lounge Society, Maya Lakhani

The Lounge Society – Burn the Heather (single)

Back with their second single and sounding like a band much further into its career, The Lounge Society have released Burn the Heather this week via the ever trustworthy Speedy Wunderground. The track feels its way through the dark dancefloors of The Fall and Fat Whites-esque influences and manages to stand high above similarly veined offerings from many other emerging artists. It bears the test of being played on repeat and still sounding fresh each time. There really does seem to be something quite special about the music these guys are making and, given that their combined age would only just qualify them for a senior bus pass, things bode extremely well for the future. Do have a listen to this one and check out tour dates for 2021; am advised some are selling out already so don’t hang about.

The Lounge Society


Maya Lakhani – The Line (single)

Releasing her debut single The Line today, Maya Lakhani brings a serving of sophisticated rock to the table. An established musician (most recently as part of distortion guitar outfit Concrete Bones), she has stepped up to the solo podium in style, writing, recording and producing all the vocals and guitar on the record. With hints of PJ Harvey and The Creatures (a la Siouxsie and Budgie rather than the apparently endless other acts with the same name), this is a strong entrance that suggests Maya will be making waves on the ones to watch lists. If 2000 Trees are still booking for next year, there’s a great fit here. Take a listen to The Line here and keep an eye on what comes next.

Maya Lakhani


Words by Siobhan

27th November 2020