Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2020

Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2020

Cover image Snow Huts © 16 Beasley St Photography

Here we are then at the end of the longest, oddest year I can remember. Thank you to everyone who’s helped keep Breaking Glass going this year; creative people are amazing at finding different avenues to explore when their usual sources are taken away. I hope you’ve all found ways to get by without flipping from ballerina to cyberspace and, more importantly, are staying safe and well.

We have end of year galleries coming on the website soon; there’s still time to submit your photos if you’d like. And if you’re hankering after some seasonal music that’s not too full of party poppers and saccharine, have a listen to the new Chilly Gonzales album.

Look after yourselves and the people around you and, to paraphrase Jarvis Cocker, let’s all meet up in the year 2021…

Words and photos © Siobhan

1st December 2020