New Music – Enjoyable Listens + Pizza Daddy + YNYS

New releases – Enjoyable Listens, Pizza Daddy, YNYS

Enjoyable Listens (Summer Hit) – single

Is it summer yet, which month is it – who knows? Nonetheless, Enjoyable Listens released new single Summer Hit on Friday, and if nothing else is making you feel like digging out your shades and staring moodily at the garden birds in the sun then this should do the trick. There’s a definite 80s’ aura around the song, think Talk Talk vocals with elements of The Cure’s pop melancholy leading the music. Having provided support for both British Sea Power and The Orielles, Enjoyable Listens create a sound that could easily span both fan-bases and much wider. Take a few minutes out to sit back and let this waft over you, then repeat.

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Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends (single)

If you google Pizza Daddy be prepared to check out some tasty Trip Advisor reviews for Margheritas and garlic bread, but persevere and you’ll be treated to some newly released music from the London duo of the same name. Having gained their dream-pop stripes with past outfit BOYS, Ross Pearce and Mike Stothard are moving forward with a new project and a more contemporary take on a similar style. The story of polygamous worries, Too Many Boyfriends is a heady mix of jangly guitars and indie angst and sets Pizza Daddy up nicely as ones to watch. 

You can find Pizza Daddy here


YNYS – Aros am Byth (single)

Opening in style with a big synth-meets-soul break, the new single from YNYS merges genres to present a laid back indie psych-pop tune that is sure to grab your attention. Aros am Byth (Waiting Forever) captures the essence of The Isley Brothers’ classic Summer Breeze and pulls it through time to produce something very current. Singer-songwriter Dylan Hughes explains, ‘The sound I was trying to get was Jeff Lynne taking over the studio after being at a Tame Impala listening party’. It certainly sounds as though Mr Blue Sky enjoyed the experience. Aros am Byth is out now on Libertino Records.

Check out YNYS here


Words by Siobhan

19th May 2020