In Lockdown with Nigel King

It feels very fitting to close this week’s quarantine features with photographer Nigel King, giving us a glimpse into how one community is managing to get together whilst following all the rules on staying apart…

‘I’m Nigel King from Nottingham.

Local residents near to me organised a socially distant game of community lockdown bingo. This was my opportunity to get my camera out at last and shoot an actual event rather than just the cats and plants in my back garden. It was a rather jolly event with everyone wanting to do it again soon. I certainly hope so.

During the lockdown I’ve been spending time looking back at shots from my archive library, doing a bit of reprocessing where I think I could make some improvements now. I’ve also been having a go with my macro lens with some not entirely successful attempts at focus stacking in Photoshop.

When it’s all over I’m looking forward to getting back to the live music, festivals and other public events that we are normally well served with here in Nottingham.’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Nigel. You can see more of Nigel’s work, including his music and events photography, on his website. For regular posts, find and follow Nigel on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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8th May 2020