In Lockdown with Brian Smith

Today’s lockdown feature is with Brian Smith, whose love of photography across a range of subjects and styles is apparent in this varied collection of shots…

‘My name is Brian Smith, I’m located in Oldbury, West Midlands and am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I run a photo club at work which includes both our suppliers and clients. I have a mixed approach to photography from still life to portrait/person, and love low key images.

I have been working from home now for five weeks, only going out for essentials or taking the wife to work. It’s been challenging with some days more productive than others.

I love all things old and have included some photos of my 1943 German typewriter; if only it could say what it has written

Following on from old things, I’ve Photoshopped some images to look old

My favourite images are low key so I had to include some of those too

And lastly, wildlife with birds in our garden…’

All photos are taken and copyrighted by Brian. If you’d like to see more of his work, you can find and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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7th May 2020