Live – Gary Numan + KANGA at Worthing Assembly Hall

Gary Numan / KANGA, Worthing Assembly Hall, 24th September 2019 

40 years on since he hit the album number 1 slot with The Pleasure Principle, Gary Numan is still selling out venues with his (R)evolution tour. With an army of loyal fans returning night after night, there is rapport and respect between artist and audience, creating a warm atmosphere on a cold, wet evening.

Kicking off with the dystopian My Name is Ruin, the set comprises songs spanning Numan’s various decades in the music industry; something for everyone without being reliant on the bigger hits, though those are smattered throughout the evening and inevitably draw a huge response. Despite the obvious showmanship from the frontman, this is very much an interactive performance from the whole band and classic tracks Down in the Park and Cars receive a robust guitar update to compliment  the well loved electronica base.

Proving that technology can beat us all, there are a couple of song alterations and delays accompanied by a knowing cheer of understanding as Numan berates having to rely on Apple products. He must be aware though that the crowd are on his side whatever course things take and that many have followed his journey through the rich and lean years. Closing the pre-encore set with the track that started it all, the instantly recognisable bars of Are ‘Friends’ Electric? are a stark reminder of just how important its release was back in 1979; it really did break boundaries and opened mainstream doors for a whole array of artists to follow, the influences of which are still apparent today.

A special mention goes to opening act KANGA, an LA based composer, artist, and music programmer. It’s unsurprising to find that she has also worked on films as the sparse lighting and frenetic performance scream futuristic cinematography. KANGA’s self-released EP Eternal Daughter is out now. Her supporting role on this tour will undoubtedly attract a new audience; a smart choice.

An evening full of energy and entertainment, Numan looks content and confident in his newer music; the tour has debuted a new track Intruder and another album is planned for 2020. Doubtless the Numan army will follow where he leads.

Check Gary Numan’s official website for more details on the album campaign and tour dates through to the end of October

Updates and links to KANGA’s EP can be found here

Words and photos by Siobhan

26th September 2019