In Focus with Kyan Gilfillan

Always love to see new faces in the photo pit – today we’re pleased to introduce Kyan Gilfillan taking the early steps in their photography career; we look forward to seeing them progress…

Kyan Gilfillan is an Aberdeenshire-based music and events photographer who specialises in a broad spectrum of musical genres including indie, rock, and pop. Their appreciation of vibrant hues and passion for creative arts contributes to the development of their distinctive style and editing method!

Kyan enjoys adding large splashes of colour throughout his photos to increase contrast and embrace the vibrant hues seen in the natural world. They feel that colour makes the world a better place, so always ensures his images are as bright as possible! At only 17 years old, he has combined his love for music and art together and that’s how this came about.

Kyan explains, “I’ve always been fascinated by music photography and always wondered how people were photographing some of my favourite artists, but little did I know one of them (Joshua Bassett) would be my second ever official shoot! Genuinely never thought I’d see the day I would photograph such a big artist, let alone only a month into my photography journey! So feel free to follow me on socials and keep an eye on my website to see what I’m up to next! Got a few exciting projects I’m working on and hoping to get a few official shoots for more of my favourite artists later this year!”

All photos © Kyan Gilfillan 

You can find Kyan on socials here: Instagram | TikTok| Twitter

15th May 2023