New Music – Ist Ist | SUEP

New releases – Ist Ist | SUEP

Ist Ist – Something Has To Give

Once again, Ist Ist master the art of producing something that manages to be complex in its simplicity. The dark undertone of the music is complimented by the clarity of Adam Houghton’s vocal, a puzzle of questions about the uncertainty of life.

Houghton explains, “Something Has To Give is all about new beginnings. It’s a sort of stick or twist situation. Do you settle or go for it?” In the case of Ist Ist, the sensible option seems always to be to go for it. And happily, there’s more to come; UK tour dates begin on 31st March to coincide with new album release Protagonists.

Ist Ist


SUEP – Just a Job

Taken from their debut mini album Shop, due for release on 27th January, SUEP bring latest single Just a Job to the table. The track is a quirky conundrum of acceptance and angst, described by the band as, as “a lament and an ode to outsiders, late-risers and lost souls, and a protest song against having to do the arduous tasks that tend to pile up in life”.

Nothing arduous though about the entertainment value provided by SUEP, their combined talents showcased here in a compelling few minutes of off-centre art pop. Catch them live on dates starting 30th January as part of this year’s Independent Venue Week.



Words by Siobhan
Photos: Ist Ist by Tom White/Black Rock Creative
SUEP by Josh Cohen and Max Warren

16th January 2023