In Focus with Kaz Black

Kicking the new year off with our first (hopefully of many) photographer features – introducing music photographer Kaz Black; enjoy the gallery and check out more of their work on the links below…

My name is Kaz. I am a live music photographer and reside in Melbourne Australia.

My love for photography has always been there, in particular music shots. I come from a music loving family. My earliest childhood memories consist of music always in the home and the many music photography books, magazines and posters. And music photos, especially of my father’s love for the UK icons The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks to name just a few. The photographs provided the story, sparked my imagination and transported me to what looked like a magical time in music history.

Billy Idol

Frenzal Rhomb

I began attending live gigs at age of 14. I loved being in the thick of it, the thumping amps, the mosh pit! The music loving community. I was hooked!

Magic Dirt

The Black Crowes

The Darkness

It wasn’t until 30 odd years later of attending gigs, I decided to pick up the camera seriously. I had a cancer scare, nothing like a scare to put life in perspective! It’s been over half a decade now and I haven’t looked back. I purchased great camera gear and jumped back in… this time in the pit!! I adore capturing memories and capturing special moments in time. I am in my absolute element being surrounded by creative talented folk. I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped me live and persue my passion. I don’t consider it work at all. This is my passion. (The work commences post production as all photographers know).

The Hard Ons

The Hoodoo Gurus

The festival season has commenced in Australia and I have a festival approved to shoot at, and am always on the look out to collaborate/ represent magazines and or bands directly who can provide me with photo pass access whether it be local or international acts – a pub gig, theatre, arena or festivals. DM me to organise.

Tim Rogers



My work can be seen on my website and Insta account. 

Words and photos © kazablackphotography

3rd January 2022