In Focus with Sofia Savino

It’s always a pleasure to see new photographers joining the music circuit – in today’s feature, Sofia Savino recounts her love of photography and talks us through some of her favourite shots so far…

My name is Sofia Savino and I am a professional traveling photographer all over the North East Coast of the US. 

My passion for taking pictures has followed me my whole life. In my time of self-discovery, I have always found myself returning to a love of photography: documenting my life from intimate moments to noisy concert venues.

It wasn’t until August 2022 that I really picked up my first Nikon DSLR and got the courage to venture into concert photography. It’s been a thrilling journey at lightspeed but after months of focus I was able to build a reputation and become a contributor for publications like Ascribe Magazine.

My creativity is always sparked by creative lighting and capturing motion in unconventional ways. I adore playing with light and color to create visually engaging shots. I work primarily with local DIY bands in the Philadelphia and Newark scene.

My first ever shot that I was really proud of was at my first concert shoot for Plead The Widow’s Cause where I was messing with long exposure on shutter priority.

Since then, I’ve fallen in love with unconventional techniques and double exposures and really doing anything to get an inventive shot.

I look forward to only learning more and growing into my own personal style of photography in the future. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to create and contribute to the community of music I adore.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about me! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or check out my full portfolio.

I would love to work with more artists in the future so if you like what you see and you’re interested in a shoot just send me an email at

Thanks for taking the time to follow along; I am so very thankful for all those who have supported me on this journey! Now is the time to just keep moving forward…

Words and photos © Sofia Savino

22nd November 2022