New Music – The Haunted Youth

The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel

Making music that reflects the aptly chosen moniker The Haunted Youth, the Belgian band centred around Joachim Liebens, add layers of shoegazey synth and guitar loops to what essentially is a great pop record, taking it to a different level of poignant melancholy. The initial MGMT comparisons are perhaps inevitable, however, as the track progresses it saunters more towards Euro-trance, something to listen to while the rains falls onto the bright lights of the city.

Teen Rebel is newly shared to the UK market and comes from forthcoming debut album Dawn of the Freak, due for release on 4th November via Mayway Records. “It’s therapy, a way of dealing with my existence”, says Liebens. “And I hope this album will be universal and accessible enough for others to enjoy it in the same way.”

There’s a suggestion of UK dates coming soon; with a schedule across Europe for the rest of the year it looks likely that we may have to wait until 2023 for the pleasure.

The Haunted Youth

Review by Siobhan

4th October 2022