New Music – GIFT

GIFT – Gumball Garden

Hailing from Brooklyn, GIFT blend immersive psych with a softer vocal reminiscent of The Charlatans/Ride in the height of their floppy haired shoegaze phases. It’s a warm sound and new track Gumball Garden flows comfortably into a sea of fuzzed up riffs and scintillating synths.

Speaking about the track, TJ Freda says, “I had a dream in late 2019 where I woke up one day and there was nobody on earth. I was walking around looking for any forms of life to no avail. It was sad but also strangely peaceful. When the pandemic happened, this song took on a whole new meaning. We did wake up one day and the streets were empty. Everyone had gone away. This song is about finding peace in solitude”.

It’s a strong precursor and enough to pique interest in their forthcoming debut album Momentary Presence, due for release on 14th October via Dedstrange. Take a look at the video for Gumball Garden below.


Words by Siobhan
Photo by Jena Cumbo

11th August 2022