New Music – Collars

New release: Collars – Rabbit Heart

Bumping up even more hype for their debut album Clyde, Rabbit Heart delivers on the Collars’ flavour, providing a sound oozing with intrigue, grunge, and a bit of bounce thrown in (no pun intended).

The track begins, and is immediately thrown into a strong rhythm with a simply bumping drumbeat, creating a verse which rocks an upbeat lullaby. The track acts as a great mattress for lead singer Dan’s voice to bounce along, creating a unique energy alongside the more subdued track, matching a percussively heavy background with lively vocals.

As we hit Rabbit Heart’s chorus, these near-opposing features meld into a pop-centric tune, with rhythms, chords and vocals intertwining into a jumpy melody. The hook of ‘Run away, Rabbit Heart’ especially suits this alt-poppy purpose, creating a singalong vibe with a melody that stands out. 

‘Alternativity’ reigns for Collars, not being too much of one genre to neatly fit into its box. With so many opportunities to surprise even more, Clyde is sure to make an impact when it drops. 


Words by Jacob Rose

29th July 2022