New Music – Bad Pelicans

Bad Pelicans – Paris

Sometimes you hear a song that refuses to remove itself from your psyche. That most definitely is the case with the latest track from Bad Pelicans, not that I would want it to go anywhere, as its repeated guttural reminders of the French capital’s tourist hotspots offer up intensity and a smattering of tongue in cheek humour in equal measures. With excellent timing as I showed someone the video, they asked where the band are from. Hang on there a second, I said, and pressed play. For anyone looking for a nod to Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy with a continental twist, this could be right up your dimly lit boulevard. Pop your shades on, watch the video below and enjoy. Yeah.

New LP Eternal Life Now is scheduled for release in late 2022 via Géographie Recs and promises more dark distortion for the suppressed goth inside us all.

Bad Pelicans

Words by Siobhan

14th June 2022