New Music – Connie Constance

Connie Constance – Miss Power

With her first single of the new year, Connie Constance kicks the generator back into full swing, as she demonstrates her energy and eclectic freedom in the very aptly titled Miss Power. 

The track begins with one of the most lively riffs, that keeps the track in bouncy motion from start to finish. Musically and lyrically, the tune feels like it kicks right back up from 2021’s Electric Girl, especially in the line ‘I’m not the girl that I was before’. That being said, she’s still got the talent, creating an absolutely stellar hook that boosts bass up to a perfectly raw tone, balancing with her classically phenomenal vocal range that dances between expression and conversational tone effortlessly. Matched with drums that are always right when you need them but never how you expect, that energy helps the three minute track feel timeless, seeming a minute long while keeping you engaged for however long it’s been on repeat now

Matched with both a beautifully sombre-turned-surreal video, and released at the same time as a Sports Team song with the same tempo, key and energy (even more interesting considering their co-headline of Sonic Wave in two weeks – conspiracy theorists will go wild), Miss Power will keep long-time fans and newcomers pumped with electricity through the summer and beyond. 

Connie Constance

Words by Jacob Rose
Photo by Joel Palmer

18th May 2022